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  • Andy Hitch

ATV Safety and Riding Techniques

I’ve been riding ATV’s since back when they only had 3 wheels. At 53 years old, I’ve taught thousands of people to ride ATV’s. In fact, I have also taught forestry students from CU and CSU.

In my many years in the ATV rental business I have seen well over 100 ATV accidents. I can say with absolute conviction that every accident I’ve witnessed has been because the rider refused in some way to pay attention to techniques and safety. Over confidence and a know it all attitude can get you in serious trouble and land you in the hospital, or worse.

If you’re serious about riding an ATV, it’s imperative that you watch this video in its entirety. You might also consider watching it multiple times, or until you feel 100% safe and comfortable riding.

Riding ATV's in the Estes Park Colorado area or Rocky Mountains is different than flat ground. If you're concerned or have questions, please feel free to call Backbone Adventures at (970) 235-5045

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