Backbone Adventures has the Adopt-a-Trail for the Bunce School Road trail we operate on. Every day we pick up trash, clean, and maintain the trail so everyone, including locals and visitors can enjoy them.

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Nothing is more rewarding than being a part of the longevity and improvements of our National Forest trail systems.


Check out these organization who keep your public off road ATV and Jeep trails open and safe. Play your part and pitch in.

Protecting the Forest
We surrounded this entire area with dead trees, some from as far as a mile away.
Replacing Markers
Between the snow and people who like to shoot and run over signs, we replace markers on a regular basis.
Repairing the T-33 Sign
At the top of trail 203 there is a jet plane crash (Airforce T-33) from 1963. The sign telling the story of the crash was stolen. We found the remains of it, fixed it, and re-installed it.
Trash Collection
Just another day collecting trash from campsites and shooting areas.
Cleaning Shooting Areas
This is a full time job I don't think we'll ever get ahead of, but it's sort of fun to try. This is half the load we walked out with that day. We estimated around 200 LBS of shells.
Wildfire Response
In 2019 our trail crew member Chris Ashby smelled something burning while he patrolled the trail. Soon he found a wildfire burning off the trail about 400 yards. Between him and a few other ATV riders, they were able to put the majority of it out. Later the fire department and hot shot crew came in to do their magic.
Vehicle Rescue
In 2018 a local Jeeper went off trail and rolled his Jeep. It took us a day of hard work, but we were able to hand winch it into our dump trailer and get it off the mountain.
As always, we are fixing signs brought down by wind, snow, and disrespectful drivers.
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