Storm Mountain

Hands down, the best views in northern Colorado. Although there are a couple difficult sections, It's worth the trip to the summit, even if you have little experience.

Personally, my favorite place on earth is the Storm Mountain summit. It's a must see.

Be on the lookout for bull moose. There are a couple big ones up there.

From beautiful alpine meadows, stunning vistas, and dark creepy forests, you'll see the best of Colorado on Storm Mountain.

Skill Level - Moderate/difficult

Open - June 15th - December 1st

Time to complete - Full day

Pole Hill / Johnny Park Loop

This is a favorite among our guests. Actually, the loop consists of three trail systems and makes for an unforgettable day.

People like it so much because if you don't like one trail, it's quick and easy to jump on another.

A lot of people elect to hit Old Fall River Road or another easy trail, ending their day with Pole Hill which is only a couple miles outside of downtown Estes Park.

Starting only 5 minutes outside Estes Park, expect to experience a wide variety of terrain and beautiful views.

Skill Level - Easy / Moderate

Open - June 15th - December 1st

Time to Complete - Full day

Middle Saint Vrain (MSV)

Although absolutely stunning and a hell of a lot of fun! MSV is very difficult.

The water crossings are abundant and deep. So deep, you may want to take a little swim in Coney Flats. It's a river that has literally just melted off a glacier not more than a couple miles upstream.

There are waterfalls you can hike a few yards too, and the moose and black bear are also abundant here.

Unless you have rock 4 wheeling experience, don't attempt it. Be careful, you can easily break a machine out there.

Skill Level - Difficult / Extreme

Open - July 1st - November 15th

Time to Complete - Full day

Old Fall River Road (the only National Park trail)

Although you can do this dirt mountain road in a 2 wheel drive car. Alot of people like to do it in a Jeep with the tops and doors off.

It starts near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park and dumps you out at the Alpine Visitor's center at over 12,000 feet. It's a must see no matter what in Estes Park.

Along the way there are awesome waterfalls you can hike too, as well as plenty of places to stop and take pictures.

The views simply breath taking. Please note: ATV's are not allowed here. 

Skill Level - Easy

Open - Although the park is open, this trail is closed for 2020

Time to Complete - 3 hours

Rock Creek

You won't see much but very dense forest and water runoff along Rock Creek. However, if you reach the top of the trail, there is an amazing view of the Indian Peaks. Its a wilderness white cap mountain range you can only see from a trail system like this.

Personally, I love it. I like deep, dark forests with huge Spruce trees.

If you're looking to get into 4 wheel drive and want something fairly easy, this is a great trail to couple with Bright Trail.

Skill Level - Easy/moderate

Open - Year Round

Time to Complete - 3 hours

Bright Trail (Taylor Road)

Aside from Old Fall River Road, this is the easiest trail in the area. Super easy, super smooth, but with great views at the top.

If you're up for a secluded hike, there is one up there. I guarantee you won't see another human being. That might sketch you out if you're a city person. Break a leg out there and you won't be found for a week. However, the trail takes you to a river at the bottom, and it is an amazing place to hang out.

This trail is close to Johnny Park. Alot of people start out on this easy one and work their way up Johnny and Pole.

Skill Level - Easy

Open - June 15th - November 15th

Time to Complete - 3 hours

Switzerland Trail & Gordon Gulch

Although 45 minutes from Estes Park, this is a very extensive, and fairly easy trail system. There are some great sites, awesome views, tons of wildlife (especially moose), and very few rocks. 

You'll cover a lot of ground on this trail as you wind through various types of woods and trails.

I must warn you though, Switzerland trail has cliff edges. They are very easy, but you should be cautious. You can bypass the cliffs and start on the Gordon Gulch side. It's still a full day of riding.

There is a beautiful picnic spot called Mount Alto you should plan to visit and have lunch. There are grills and picnic tables.

These trails are great all year round and are really great for people who desire almost all easy trails with a couple options for more challenging terrain if you choose.

For those looking for the most challenging, there is a finger off of Switzerland trail called Pennsylvania Gulch. You MUST know what you're doing if you decide to take it. Google pictures of it if you're interested.

Skill Level - Easy / moderate

Open - Year-Round

Time to Complete - Full Day

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