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Switzerland Trail

This year-round trail system is a customer favorite. There are amazing views all over the place. People love it becuse it's about as easy a trail system as you can find in Colorado. There are a few cool offshoots where you can get into some steep rocky terrain if you choose. The other upside is there are so many miles of trails. It's named Switzerland Trail because it sort of resembles the steepness of the Swiss Alps as you cruise along the edges at high elevation. 

As with most trails in the Boulder Ranger District, the Switz trails were originally created for access to mining claims. In fact, there are still hundreds in existence today (even on Switz). As you're driving along, you may notice large piles of black and orange colored rocks, in some cases they're mostly yellow. These were blast holes exploring for gold ore. 

You should know, this is a National Forest trail (public land). It's open to all types of recreation. You will see other ATV's and Jeeps. You might even see dirt bikes, mountain bikes, horseback riders, campers, and hikers. Please be respectful to other users of the trail, be cautious around blind corners, and always stop / turn off your engine around horses. 


Wildlife is abundant on Switz. The most common animal is moose. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know where they might be.  

Below are a number of pictures we've taken on switz. You will see lots of snow pictures. That's only because we love riding in the snow. It seems like we're too busy in the summer months to ride :(


Andrew getting ready to hop in the nice and warm Northstar


First day out for one of the new Rubicons


See that line across the side of the mountain? We're on trail, looking at more on the other side. We're heading down to the canyon below and will eventually be on that trail in about an hour.


Fresh snow ride (customer photo)


Kolt and Brooke breaking in a new Razor


Heath, Bonnie, and Missy found some dirt in the winter


The little mud hole that seems to stick around all summer on Switz


One of many view spots on Switz

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