Seasonal employment begins May 1st and ends October 30th. 

We are looking for positive minded, honest people. Our customers are happy and excited. We want happy and excited employees who enjoy living and working in the Colorado Rockies. Lastly, we are looking for people who really enjoy meeting and talking with new people from around the country. 

If you think this is for you and you can handle an honest hard days work where you will be appreciated, apply with us today.



The toughest and most respected position in the company. From memorial day weekend through September 30th you will work 4 days on and have 3 days off in a row. The days are long (14-15 hours) and you will be working in extreme conditions.


Yes it is fun, yes you get to ride a Razor all over the mountain. However, it can be 75 degrees and sunny one minute and 45 degrees and hailing the next. It's dirty and it can require you to think on the fly. 

Good starting pay, plus tips ($75 - $100 a day), plus time and a half overtime pay.


Shop (Check In)

The guys and girls clock in around 7:30am, leave around 6pm, and work 5 days a week. Like Trail Crew, they get good over time in peak season. 

This picture shows the tail end of a morning check in. There are usually 50+ people checking in at once. We get em going fast (usually within 5 minutes).

Duties include check in, reservations, and cleaning Jeeps at the end of the day.

Good starting pay plus time and half overtime.

Living in Estes Park

We require that you have living arrangements before we will consider your application. Estes Park is a very small town, yet it is extremely busy in the summer months. Finding a place to live can be very tricky. Look into it and have solid plan before applying. 

Requirements for Application

  • Can you work until the end of October?

  • Do you feel capable?

  • Are you a happy person with a good heart?

  • Send a photo with your application to: Backbone Adventures: 1851 N. Lake Ave Estes Park, Co 80517

Click on the link for the application below:






Backbone Adventures Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We don't advertise it because we must, we do it because we actually believe it.