At Backbone Adventures ATV Rental and Jeep Rental of Estes Park, Co, we take pride in our high level of customer service and vehicle quality. It's all about providing you with an adventure you'll never forget. We are family owned and operated. So, we spend the money to outfit our off-road vehicles with the extra cool parts that make your ride more comfortable, safe, and fun. We encourage you to compare the difference for yourself. Check out our reviews on Google and Trip Advisor

Polaris RZR 1000 XP

Starting at $229


So fast, so smooth, and so fun. The 2 passenger Razor has GPS trail navigation, Blue Tooth stereo, roof, and protective bumpers.

  • Price is per vehicle

  • No security deposit required

  • Insurance optional

  • See How it Works


Our Actual Riders and Machine


Half or Full Day

Our Riders, Machine, and Trail

Polaris RZR 1000 XP4

Starting at $269


So fast, so smooth, and so fun. The 4 passenger Razor has GPS trail navigation, Blue Tooth stereo, roof, protective bumpers, and skid plate Read About It

  • Price is per vehicle

  • No security deposit required

  • Insurance optional

  • See How it Works



Half or Full Day

Kawasaki Mule Pro 6 Seater

Starting at $299


This is set up for mountain riding with Elka shocks, lifted, arched arms for clearance, full skid plate, and larger tires. GPS trail navigation and Blue Tooth stereo. It can go anywhere. 

  • Price is per vehicle

  • No security deposit

  • Insurance optional

  • See How it Works



Our Actual Riders and Machine

Can-Am Outlander 570

Starting at $199


The most reliable ATV in the industry in our opinion. This single rider machine is powerful and easy to drive. 4x4, Automatic transmission, and durable independent suspension

  • Price is per vehicle

  • You must trailer these with your truck. We supply the trailer and maps.

  • See How it Works



Our Actual Riders, Machine, and Trail

Our Actual Riders and Machines

Dirt Bikes

Price $69 - $199 per day

We do NOT deliver dirt bikes to the trail. Instead, we offer trailers so you can take them wherever you want.

  • Price is per vehicle

  • You must trailer dirt bikes with your truck. We supply the trailer and maps.

  • See How it Works



How it Works (Razors)

  • Unguided. Delivered to the trail

  • Check in at shop 60 minutes early

  • Sign paperwork and get helmets

  • Drive the trail head (30 min) in your car

  • Your ride time begins at the trail

  • 21 to rent, 16 to drive, min pass age 2

  • No security deposit required

  • No bait & switch. The machine you rent is the one you get

  • Free fuel, map, helmets, and goggles

  • See ATV Trails for details

Ride Times

 2-hour Winter Rides  

(Dec-Jun 14th) --- 9-11  /  11:30-1:30  /  2-4

3-hour Summer Rides

(Jun 15th - Nov) --- 8:30-11:30  /  12-3  /  3:30-6:30

6-hour Summer Rides

(Jun 15th - Nov) --- 9-3


How it Works (ATV's and Dirt Bikes)

  • Free trailer, maps, helmets, and fuel

  • Check in at shop 30 minutes early

  • Sign paperwork and get loaded up

  • Drive to the trail of your choice (maps provided)

  • Leave at 8am, return at 4pm

  • Must be 23 to rent

  • Security deposit is required ($500 per machine)

  • See Jeep Trails for options

  • We offer this option because we are not allowed to operate dirt bikes and ATV's on "our" trail due to liability.

TERMS: Cancellation Policy – To cancel your reservation, you must notify us within 72 hours prior to your scheduled reservation time. You must contact us during normal business hours. Emailed cancellations will not be accepted. If you are a “no show”, you will be charged the full rental amount. Please understand, we have to reserve each ride with a machine and date. After we make that reservation, we are not able to sell the date or the machine to someone else.

About Our Machines

Plush Suspension
The RZR 1000 XP suspension is truly designed for the smoothest ride possible. It's little brother 570 and 900 don't hold a candle to ride quality of the XP. You'll really notice it in our rocky terrain. Even our 6 seater has stout and smooth shocks.
Stable Stance & Ride
The RZR 1000 XP and XP 4 has a 64" stance, so it is much more stable when cornering and climbing than smaller units like the 570 and 900. Basically speaking, you can do more and feel safer in an XP
Bluetooth & Navigation
The navigation system guides you through every inch of the trail so you can't get lost. Connect your phone and jam out, it's a bluetooth stereo system as well. So awesome.............
Maintained Machines
It is highly important to us that you get what you pay for and then some. Unlike most companies who will let the little things go, we rotate our machines in and out every 750 miles for regular maintenance and top to bottom, inside out inspections. You will NOT get an ATV rental with blown shocks, shot bushings, and sketchy steering issues. Quality, safety, and your enjoyment is our goal, and we'll pay whatever it costs to make that happen.
What is an XP?
1000cc machines are NOT all built the same. The XP has serious suspension for serious terrain and smooth riding. They have much bigger tires, and the ignition mapping is hotter for a more powerful ride. Over all, the quality is MUCH better, more durable, and designed for maximum fun.
Our Trails & Riders
We don't bait and switch like most companies. The images you see on our site are of our actual riders and trails.
Top Condition
You may see some dirt on our machines, but you won't find them banged up like other companies. If it's scratched, cracked, bent, or broken, we replace it immediately.
4 & 6 Passenger Quality
4 & 6 passenger machines are much longer. Because of our extreme terrain, the only safe and quality ride way to go is the Polaris XP with higher quality shocks and larger tires.
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About Us and Our ATV Rentals

Backbone Adventures offers ATV rentals, Jeep rentals, Razor UTV rentals, and snowmobile rentals in Estes Park Colorado. Our ATV's and Razors are waiting at the  trail  for you for a no hassle unguided ride. We also have enduro motorcycle dirt bike rentals. Whether you are coming from Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, Fort Collins, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, or Florida, there is no better area of Colorado to vacation. Be it Rocky Mountain National Park and it's beautiful waterfalls along Old Fall River Road, the amazing canyons and rivers coming in and out of Estes Park, or the literally dozens of off road, 4x4, all-terrain trails surrounding Estes Park, you are sure to find an amazing adventure. Check out the Trails page for possibilities. Also look at the Eat/Stay tab for places to stay and things to do in Estes Park.

About us: We are a family owned and operated business. We are honest and fair people. We don't hit you on the back side with a security deposit. We are also very honest about the ATV rentals and Jeep rentals we offer. In other words, you're not going to show up to the trail to see a busted up, unsafe, pile of junk that used to resemble what you see pictured. You pay good money for this and we want your experience to be the absolute best.

We don't claim to be #1 and make the most money. But we are the best people, value, and experience you'll get for your money. We look forward to meeting you. See you soon................

What Happens if I Damage an ATV Rental

I seriously can't stand the way some ATV rental companies do business. My wife wrecked an ATV rental years ago. That company charged me $800 for a $200 piece of plastic. When I started this business, I vowed to do right by folks. This is why we are fair and honest. We don't charge downtime or labor charges, and we don't mark up the cost of parts. I get them as cheap as possible. My cost, is your cost. For more frequently asked questions, check out the Contact page and the FAQ section. 

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