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Estes Park Colorado

ATV Rental Estes Park Colorado

If you're looking for things to do in Estes Park, you have to experience an ATV rental in Estes Park Colorado with us. Awesome trails, the highest quality side x sides, and stellar customer service. 

Polaris RZR ATV rental in Estes Park Colorado

Half Day Johnny Park Delivered

Meet us at the trail and ride from there (hassle free).

From $399

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Jun 16th - Dec 1st

friends at vista view next to atv rental in colorado

Half or Full Day Truck & Trailer Provided

You drive truck, trailer, and ATV to the trail of your choice

From $399

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Jeep Rental Estes Park Colorado

We have the coolestRubicon Jeep Rentals in Colorado. Lifted with 37" tires, front and rear lockers, sway bar disconnects, soft top, and removeable doors.

jeep rental with group of friends

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Jeep Rental In Estes Park Colorado

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Ebike Rental Estes Park Colorado

The bike path in Estes Park is an amazing experience for ebike rentals.

Ebike rental with friends overlooking lake estes

E-Bike & Mountain Bike
E-Bike Rental in Estes Park Colorado

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Slingshot Rental Estes Park Colorado

Fast, fun, and awesome in the corners. Slingshot Rentals are a blast in the canyons surrounding Estes Park

couple's slingshot rental ride in Estes Park

Polaris Slingshot
Slingshot Rental in Estes Park Colorado

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How It Works Home
    You have 2 options when you book an ATV rental: ATV delivered to the trail (Jun 16th - Nov 30th) Truck and Trailer provided free. Haul the ATV to the trail of your choice (available year-round) Delivered Option (Jun 16th - Nov 30th) Show up 60 minutes early Sign paperwork Get helmets and directions to the trail Drive in your car to the Johnny Park trail system (25 minutes away). We will be waiting for you. ATVs are at the trail, gassed up and ready to ride. No security deposit required 23+ to rent 18+ to drive with license Minimum age to ride UTV -- Must be able to wear DOT helmet. The smallest we have is youth small. Car seats will not fit in Razor due to 4-point harness. Truck and Trailer Provided Option (Year-Round) Show up 30 minutes early Sign paperwork then choose your trail. Get Helmets and go over machine operation Drive to the trail of your choice and ride (we will provide maps and directions) Helmets, tow vehicle, and trailer provided free of charge No security deposit required 23+ to rent Minimum age to drive -- 18 Minimum age to ride UTV -- Must be able to wear DOT helmet. The smallest we have is youth small. Car seats will not fit in Razor due to 4-point harness. Jeep Rentals Show up 30 minutes early Sign paperwork Go over trail options and get maps Head out the the trail of your choice (trail navigation unit provided) No security deposit required 23+ to rent 18+ to drive with license No minimum age to ride (car seats fit just like they do in your car) Jeep, ATV, and Tow Vehicle Insurance Damage protection is included in the price of the ATV. It is a $1500 maximum out of pocket (deductible). This means the maximum you will pay if you damage the ATV is $1500. Damage insurance for the tow vehicle is NOT included in the price. It's an option. It is a $1500 deductible. Which means the maximum you will pay if you damage the tow vehicle is $1500. Jeep damage insurance is NOT included in the price. It is optional. It is a $1500 deductible. This means the maximum you will pay if you damage the Jeep is $1500. Insurance does not cover you for late or recovery fees. If you're late, the fee is $25 every 15 minutes. If we have to recover the vehicle, we charge $100 an hour. It's easy to return on time and as long as you're not driving like a crazy person and wreck the vehicle, we won't have to recover it. Other Details 5% discount for first responders, seniors, teachers, and military Damage protection insurance is included with every ATV. The deductible is $1500. This means your maximum out of pocket if you cause damages is $1500. Razor 4-point Harness
    Delivered to the trail option Meet us at the trail. ATVs are gassed and ready to go for your half day ride. This option is only available June 16th - Nov. 30th. Jun 16 – Sept 30 8:30-11:30 12:00-3:00 3:30-6:30 Oct 1 – Oct 31 8:30-11:30 12:00-3:00 Nov 1 - Nov 30 11:00-2:00 Truck and Trailer provided option Truck and trailer provided free. You haul the ATV to the trail of your choice. Suggestions, maps, and navigation included. Extra drive time has been added to rental times so you get your full ride time. This option is available year-round. Nov 1 - Feb 28 10:00-3:00 half day 9:00-4:00 full day Mar 1 - May 23 10:00-3:00 half day 11:00-4:00 half day 9:00-4:00 full day May 24 - Jun 15 8:00-1:00 half day 2:00-7:00 half day 8:00-4:00 full day Jun 16 - Oct 31 8:00-12:00 half day 1:00-5:00 half day 8:00-4:00 full day Jeep Rentals Nov 1 - Apr 30 8:30-4:00 May 1 - Oct 31 9:00-5:00 Slingshot Rentals May 1 - Oct 31 9:00-5:00 E-Bike Rentals Nov 1 - Apr 30 12:00-2:00 May 1 - Oct 31 11:00-1:00 2:00-4:00
    You have 2 options. Delivered to the trail (Available Jun 16th - Nov 30th) --- This means the ATVs are delivered to the trail. They're waiting there for you. You simply check in at the shop and then meet us at the trail. Everything is gassed and ready to ride. Truck and Trailer provided (Available year-round) --- This means we provide you with a free truck and trailer so you can haul the ATV to the trail of your choice. We provide trail suggestions, maps, and navigation to the trail. From Dec 1st - Jun 15th we only have one option and that's the truck and trailer route. We are permitted with the Forest Service to operate on a specific trail during the summer and fall. This is the only time we are allowed to deliver the ATVs to a trail.
    - Must be age 23+ to rent ATV's, Jeeps, and Slingshots (must be present at pick-up with a valid ID) - Minimum age to drive -- 18 - Minimum age to ride -- Must be able to wear a DOT helmet. The smallest we have is a youth small. - Car Seats -- Will fit in Northstar. Will not fit in a Razor due to 4 point harness. Booster seats fit in everything. - Minimum age to ride in a Jeep -- Accepts car seats like any other car - No security deposit required Razor 4-point Harness
    To cancel your reservation, you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation time. You must contact us during normal business hours. Emailed cancellations will not be accepted. If you are a “no show,” you will be charged the full rental amount. Please understand, we have to reserve each ride with a machine and date. After we make that reservation, we are not able to sell the date or the machine to someone else. Note: We do not cancel and refund if it's raining or snowing. We may cancel if there are dangerous thunderstorms in the area you will be riding. Having said that, we can't predict the weather. In the mountains of Colorado, it can change in an instant. Please call if in need of re-booking assistance.
    Jeep- Bring your valid driver's license and valid full coverage auto insurance. Dogs are allowed, but please place a blanket or cover for the seat. Provided Magellan navigation system. We offer multi-day jeep rentals- you can keep it overnight. E-Bike- Can bike directly from our office. Helmets are provided. Add-Ons for kids include Burley Bee Carts and Tag-along bike. We recommend being five feet or taller to ride on your own bike.
    Unlike other rental companies, when you rent with us, what you see is what you get! We post photos of our actual machines, riders, and trails. Our service is the best in the business, our equipment is brand new and we maintain everything meticulously.

About Backbone Adventures

We are locally / family owned and operated. I'd say our most popular activity are the ATV Rentals. We have single rider ATV's (quads), 2, 4, and 6 seater UTV. ATV's provide a means of moving a little faster and get the adrenaline pumping a bit. The Jeep Rentals are fun in a different way. For one, you're out of the weather. You move a little slower so you get an opportunity to take in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounding you. You also get a little more time for your money. Snowmobile Rentals are extremely popular in the winter months. Although, we still offer ATV and UTV rentals in the snow. Honestly, I think most people prefer an ATV in the snow. You won't believe how fun the Ebike Rentals are. Check out this blog I wrote about how my wife and I fell in love with ebikes (electric bikes). Check out the Can-Am off-road ATV's and UTV's. 

We have a pretty simple focus here at Backbone and I think our reviews on Google and Trip Advisor are far more powerful than my voice. To sum it up, we strive to offer the best customer service, the best machines, the best service, and the best experience possible. We do this because we're no different than you. We vacation as well. We do activities when we go on vacation. We treat people how we would like to be treated and offer a service we would personally rate with 5 stars.  

My family and I have been in the tourist business in Estes Park pretty much our whole lives. Yeah, living and working in the mountains is amazing, but we love meeting our customers from all over the country as well. We started the ATV Rental business because we wanted to bring our joy to them. There is simply no better Colorado outdoor experience than off-roading in our opinion. 

Even if you don't do business with us, stop on by our shop, we would love to meet you. Backbone Adventures 1851 N. Lake Ave Estes Park, Co 80517 or our downtown shop where you can buy off road gifts and t-shirts. It's located at 222 E. Elkhorn Ave Estes Park, Co 80517

Please look over our Trails page so you can get a good idea of where you want to ride. We also have some great suggestions on where to eat and where to stay when visiting Estes Park. 

If you want to know more about us, please check out our About Us page. 

See you soon................

UTV rental Estes Park Colorado Father and Daughter

Owners: Andy and Mady Hitch

Girls day out ATV Rental in Estes Park Colorado

Missy & Mady Hitch, Bonnie, and Jordyn.

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