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Age limit?

21 to rent, 16 to drive with a license. Youth passengers: 2 years old in Razors (must bring your car seat). No age limit in Jeeps. Passengers not allowed on ATV’s or dirt bikes.

Guided rentals?

Although we do offer delivered to the trail, unguided (go on your own) rides for ATVs, UTVs, and razors, we do NOT offer guided rentals (where we set the pace and ride in front of you).


Security deposit required?

No, we do not require security deposits.

What trail do you deliver to?

We deliver to Bunce School Road year-round, which also includes Middle Saint Vrain (MSV), open July 1st - November 15th. See Trails for more info. Basically, we bring all of our machines to the trail early morning and we stay there at base camp (where you start out) all day long. We do get out on the trail ourselves to make sure riders are doing okay.

How long is the delivered trail?

It depends on the time of the year. Nov 15th - June 14th the Bunce trail is approximately 12 miles. Most people are only able to do it once in a 3 hour ride. Some can do it twice though. June 15th - June 30th one gate opens and the trail expands to well over 20 miles. You won't be able to see it all in a 3 hour ride, but you can see all the cool stuff. June 15th is when we start full day rides. On July 1st the Middle Saint Vrain trail opens up (connected to Bunce). This trail adds another 20 miles. You can make it to Coney Flats (river crossing) at the MSV trail in a 3 hour ride, but that's all you can accomplish in that time frame. If you want to hit the Bunce plane crash site, see Pony Lake (possible moose), and make it to Coney Flats, you'll need a full day ride. Honestly, the only time I suggest a full day ride (best bang for your buck) is July 1st - Oct 15th.

Can I be a beginner?

Of course. There are trails for every comfort level. Yes, we are in the Rocky Mountains, so there will be rocks, but beginners, in my opinion, always do great. Just remember to always ride at a speed and on trails you're comfortable with. Dirt Bikes do require experience though. 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount for military, seniors, law enforcement, K-12 teachers, and for groups renting 6 machines or more. We also offer a 10% discount for returning customers. 

How do ATV rentals work?

Once you have a reservation, you check in at the shop 60 minutes early, sign paperwork, and then drive your car to the trail to meet us. From there, we show you how to operate the machine and then let you go have fun. Your ride begins at the trail. 

Why should I rent from you?

Read the reviews online and decide for yourself. Search on Google, Trip Advisor, or Yelp. Another thing to keep in mind: We strive to keep and maintain the best quality equipment possible. Most of the pictures you see on this website are of our actual riders, trails, and machines. In some cases we use exact representations of the machines we have available. We never bait and switch or falsely advertise. 

Can our party split the cost of the rental?

In short, no. One person from your party must pay for one entire machine. If you want to split the cost, tell your friends or family members to get some cash together and pay you back. Please understand, legally we can not split the cost in our system or on the contract. Picture it like renting a hotel room, rental car, or seat on a plane. The same rules apply.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. We offer an “optional” in house damage insurance for $30 per ATV. The deductible is $2000. This basically means you will pay out of pocket for any damages you do to the machine up to $2000. The insurance will cover all costs above $2000. For Jeeps, we require a copy of your car insurance. We do offer a $45 in house damage insurance plan for Jeeps. It works just like it does for ATV’s.

What if I damage a machine?

Our basic rule of thumb is that if you bend it, break it, or crack it, you buy that part. We will be fair and honest with you. We ask that you are fair and honest with us. We don’t operate like other rental companies. We aren’t going to charge you downtime, labor, or make up charges. We are fair. If we can find the part you damaged used, we will. Keep in mind though: We offer new model year, high end equipment, so parts can be pricey.

What happens if it rains or snows?

We ride year-round, no matter what the weather is. The only exception we make is if the snow is too deep to travel in or if it’s a lightning storm. We also may make exceptions if we think the trail we operate on could get damaged by our machines. This is VERY rare, but if the situation arises, we will cancel all rides and refund your money in full.

What should I bring and wear?

You will be deep in the National Forest, off the grid, and out of touch with the world. I do suggest snow pants, boots, coat, gloves, and a scarf or face wrap (which we sell at our shop) if riding in the winter. In the spring, summer, and fall, I suggest a jacket. In the summer it may not be needed, but you never know. Always bring rain poncho, sunglasses, water, snacks, and a camera. 

Should I get a Jeep or an ATV?

They are two different sports altogether. With ATV riding you will be moving a little quicker, it’s a little more exhilarating and obviously more dangerous. You can cover more ground and ATV’s and Razors can go places Jeeps can not. The upside of a Jeep is that you can decide where you are riding. See Trails for a few options. Jeeps are cool because they are much more comfortable, yet still amazingly capable.

Should I make a reservation, or can I just stop in?

Winter — Call or book online a day ahead of time
Spring — Call or book online a few days ahead of time
Summer — Call or book online at least a week, if not 2 or 3 weeks ahead of time.
Fall — Call or book online a few days ahead of time
Holidays — Call or book online at least a week ahead of time, if not sooner.