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Clutch and P-Drive Replacement on a Can-Am 2023 X3 Turbo

In this video you see our owner Andy do a clutch and P-Drive replacement on a Can-Am 2023 X3 Turbo. This blog is just lining out the steps for everyone to follow along appropriately.

  1. Take clutch out of machine

  2. Take the 6 aligning bolts out and set aside for later, the clutch will drop down

  3. Separate the dropped clutch from the plates using designated tool from Can-Am

  4. Once separated, take a mallet/sledge and bang on about 3-5 times

  5. Take the now separated clutch and put aside, inspect needle bearings and bolts on the bottom portion

  6. If needed, take apart the needle bearings and washers in exact order as they are placed in, inspect for damages and use

  7. Replace all parts in the bearings and use new plastic washers

  8. Take an emery cloth and buff the plate, it sits next to the belt so it may look worn

  9. Go back to clutch- replace weights and the black plastic washers, replace the washers and test the spin plates

  10. Unscrew all the screws holding in the mechanism on every side other than wights, it’s the two small bolts sticking straight up.

  11. Replace bushings under the bolts, ensure the small edge is close to the inner most bolt

  12. Replace those bolts and line everything up under it appropriately.

  13. Do final inspections for cracks, rusted pieces etc. Always ensure safety and cleanliness with your rigs!

We hope this was helpful and a good summary of the video above. Thank you for reading this and reach out if you need any help!

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