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Jeep Rubicon

There are a number of Jeep Rental places out there, but nobody compares to Backbone Adventures. We take extreme pride in our Jeeps. Not only do we have the newest Jeeps, we make em perform and look bad ass! It's one thing to get off-road and have a vehicle that can do it, it's another to have people complimenting you everywhere you go. FYI, if you're in a store and you come back to find a little rubber duckie sitting on your Jeep, you've been "ducked". It's a compliment. Someone thought your Jeep is awesome. It's a Jeep thing. Now you understand. 

We don't slap any ole lift on our Jeeps. We do our lifts so they're relaible. That's more important than you might think. Without going into much detail, we like to keep all the ORM steering and control arms for safety, durability, and relaibility. 

  • Apple and Android car play

  • Trail navigation unit included

  • Soft top and removable doors

  • 37" aggressive tires

  • 5.75" lift

  • Tailgate reinforcement

  • Rough Country neoprene seat covers

  • Synthetic rope winch

  • Recovery gear (hand winch, tow strap, tree strap, snatch block, dig rings, and traction boards)

  • Front and rear lockers

  • Electronic sway bar disconnect

  • 4:10 axles 


Redrum Jeep on Switzerland Trail


Mark and Heath playing on the Bunce trail


Andrea and friends on Johnny Park

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