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ATV Rentals and Tours

There is no better way to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains than behind the wheel of an ATV. At Backbone Adventures, we have the best ATV rentals and tours of anyone in Colorado. Most of our tours are unguided, and we equip you to have a knowledgeable and safe ride that you can navigate at your own pace and skill level. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing our customers with the experience of a lifetime.

So how do you know a good ATV rental company from the rest? Let’s break down what we believe are the top qualities of a spectacular rental company.

What are the top 6 things you should look for in a quality ATV rental?

  1. Quality of the ATV- Does the company you’re renting from stock the highest quality ATVs for your riding pleasure? A lot of companies advertise one kind of machine on their website and provide a cheaper kind in real life. Make sure that what is being advertised is exactly what you’re getting. We provide Kawasaki and Polaris rentals, which are the very best!

  2. Customer service- The ATV company you rent from should always have your best interests at heart. Do they customize your ATV riding experience to meet your specific needs? Are they providing the little touches to make sure your experience is one of a kind? Our ATVs have touchscreen trail navigation systems with Bluetooth stereos. We add extra equipment as well to go above and beyond for your safety and enjoyment. The customer service you receive should always be top-notch!

  3. Knowledge of crew- When you’re renting from a high-quality rental company, their crew should know the area like the back of their hand. They should also know their machines and how they work. If you are renting from someone who doesn’t know their stuff, take that as a red flag.

  4. Fun factor- Does the rental company provide you with a lot of options so you are able to choose the ATV experience that feels the most fun for you? We offer multiple suggestions for ATV trails and help you choose your most desired adventure. You should be having fun and your rental company should be helping you do it!

  5. Location is key- It’s no fun to ride an ATV in a boring setting. A high-quality ATV rental has a high-quality setting for you to explore to offer. What better location is there than exploring the beautiful mountains surrounding Estes Park? Our location is one of a kind!

  6. Check the business philosophy- Our business philosophy is: Be kind, honest, and offer the best possible ATV rental equipment at the best price. Make sure your ATV rental company’s philosophy is in alignment with you.

You have found the most trusted ATV rentals and tours to provide a day of fun and adventure!

When you do an ATV Rental from Backbone Adventures in Estes Park Colorado, it's yours for the day. You can take it anywhere you like. We don't "tell" you where to go. If you ask for suggestions, we'll give you our opinions. If you need directions to a specific area, we are happy to offer those. And guess what? We also offer Jeep, Ebike, and scooter rentals, as well as snow adventure riding. We are #2 of 51 Outdoor Activities on Tripadvisor! Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date photos and updates on Estes Park events and trail updates.

Read about some of our happy customers’ five-star experiences:

“Thank you to Backbone Adventures for a thrilling birthday adventure! As first-time ATVers, we felt prepared by the details we were given by staff about the trails and vehicle before setting out on the trails. We also felt extra safe having a winch and track boards on the ATV. This outfit does a great job programming their own GPS systems so there is no user error. Thanks for a memorable birthday!” -Jenna

“We took a sunset tour on our first night in Estes and it was great! The staff is super knowledgeable and makes sure you feel comfortable before heading out! We had a great time on the Johnny Park trail I believe it was. They have preset trails on the ATV and in the vehicle, you drive to get there so you don't get lost in a place you don't know. And lastly, when we got back at 9, even though it was time for them to go home, they genuinely cared how our trip was and were happy we got to see some wildlife. 100% recommend Backbone Adventures!!” -Shannon

Check out more of our outstanding reviews and feedback from our many satisfied clients. We know you’ll be happy when you choose Backbone Adventures for your next ATV rentals and tours. Visit our website to find out more about the ATV rental process and the trail information. You can also visit our FAQ page to find answers to your questions. You can contact us by calling 970-235-5045. Backbone Adventures is located in gorgeous Estes Park, Colorado. We offer the best customer service, value, and experience you'll get for your money.

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