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A Fun ATV Travel Guide for Hunting Bigfoot In Estes Park, Colorado

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

ATV trails in Estes Park Colorado offer great views of wildlife like moose, bears, and bobcats, but as you travel through the trails and talk with locals, you will often hear stories of Bigfoot, the forest legend who has been spotted in the hills of Colorado for years.

The next time you plan an ATV trip through Estes Park Colorado, follow our guide to learn the history, some helpful tips, and how to turn the adventure into a fun Bigfoot-themed vacation.

When Has Bigfoot Been Spotted in Estes Park Colorado?

For years, rumors and photos have been taken in the Estes Park area claiming to be Bigfoot sightings. One of the earliest reported viewings of Bigfoot comes from all the way back in 1971 when a doctor reported larger-than-life footprints on a high trail. In the 1990's, visitors claimed to see Bigfoot chasing deer through a field.

In 2019, there were two sightings near the trail areas, increasing the legitimacy of the claims. The presence and rumors of Bigfoot is so large in the area that Estes Park hosts the Bigfoot Days festival annually and brings in famed monster hunters to help with the search.

The wide variety of sightings gives you ample opportunities to explore and try to see the creature.

What Exactly Does Bigfoot Look Like?

A traditional view of a Sasquatch is a large ape-like creature who stands on two legs and has a whole body full of fur. Some reports have said he stands at over 7 feet tall, but the creature may have a hunched over appearance while standing. Despite the large size, many people have said the creature can move incredibly fast through wooded areas.

More important than the size of the creature is the feeling that occurs when he is around. Rumors have spread that the woods goes silent, that the creature makes child-like noises, and that the creature can travel over land without making a sound. The eerie experiences have varied over the years, but often include unexpected reactions not found in nature.

What Do I Need for a Bigfoot-Hunting ATV Trip?

When you rent an ATV, check out the features that come with it. Many of the ATV rentals will include a built-in GPS. Not only will the GPS help guide you through trails, but you can use the trail maps to find locations where Bigfoot was previously spotted.

You should also consider bringing some kind of recording technology. For example, you could bring a helmet cam on the trip to capture footage. If you do see any wildlife, the footage will automatically record on the helmet cam so you don't have to worry about pulling out a cell phone or other camera and missing the shot.

You should also consider packing a pair of binoculars to see into the distance and get views from afar. There is a lot of wilderness to explore in Estes Park and the binoculars will help you get a clearer view.

What Should I Do If I Spot Bigfoot?

Stay calm, do not approach any wildlife creatures, and do your best to try and capture video or photo evidence of the occurrence. While the chances are rare, you never know what you will find while you explore the park on an ATV trip.

After a potential spotting, you can report your findings to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to capture an official account. The description of the creature is incredibly important to help rule out other animals like mountain lions and black bears. Ideally, you should ride with a friend through the trails so you have a witness along with you.

For more information on our ATV trips through Estes Park, Colorado, contact us at Backbone Adventures. We have trail experience and equipment to help you have a memorable trip — whether you run into Bigfoot or not.

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