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  • Andy Hitch

Father / Daughter Dirt Bike Rental Ride in Colorado

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Even though my daughter and I both normally ride Beta 300 2 stroke enduro bikes, we decided to take out the trail bikes on this beautiful day on our property.

We operate an ATV rental business in Estes Park Colorado called Backbone Adventures. We rent motorcycles. During the COVID-19 shut down, we decided to shoot some pictures of us ripping around on our rentals.

My daughter is 5' 3" tall and I'm 6', 180 LBS. These Yamaha TTR230 bikes were great for both of us. I'll admit, I worked that bike hard being that I come from a racing background, but it was still really fun. We meant to just shoot pics for an hour. We ended up ripping around on these bikes for the entire day.

Here are some pics of me and my daughter racing on our bikes. Mady won the women's RMEC championship at age 16. Although I've won a number of small events, I got my first memorable win at the 2019 Endurocross (old man's class)

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