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Best ATV Rental Near Me

A day in nature with the wind blowing in your hair as you breathe in the fresh mountain air sounds delightful. It sounds like an off-road, ATV trail-riding adventure in and around Rocky Mountain National Park. One thing we know for sure is that your search for the “best ATV rentals near me” has brought you to the very best ATV rental company in Colorado. We are all about providing you with an adventure you’ll never forget. Backbone Adventures is family owned and operated and we take pride in our high level of customer service and vehicle quality.

As you are planning your ATV mountain adventure, it helps to know about the trails that are available to you.

What are the top 7 best ATV riding trails around Rocky Mountain National Park?

  1. Johnny Park- Easy/moderate skill level. Open June 16th to November 25th. This is a local and customer favorite. It's close to Estes Park and has a little bit of everything you could ask for. Most of the trails are easy, fast, and really fun. It does have about a mile of steep rocky terrain that lends its hand to the more adventurous riders. Take the time to check out the multitude of views scattered throughout the trail system.

  2. Switzerland Trail- The perfect trail for full day and/or half day winter rides as it is open year-round. It has a little bit of everything. Great views, easy trails, moderate trails, wildlife, water sections, and fun off-shoots.

  3. Pierson Park- Easy/moderate skill level. Open June 16th to November 25th. This trail is one of our favorites because there usually aren't very many people there. It's also a trophy elk and moose hunting area. There are not many views, but the trails are fun and fairly easy. It's worth taking a few minutes to do short hikes into some of the meadows off-trail as you look for wildlife.

  4. Middle Saint Vrain- Difficult/extreme skill level. Open June 16th to November 25th. This is one of the most popular trails in Colorado. The water crossings are simply amazing. You'll go through rivers and deep glacier runoffs. Moose and bears love this area. If you take the time to hike off the trail just a few yards you can see waterfalls and moose hangouts. The view at Coney Flats is absolutely stunning. Keep in mind, this is a very difficult trail for experienced riders only.

  5. Pole Hill- Easy/moderate skill level. Open June 16th to November 25th. Although short (about 2 hours of ride time), it has some of the best views you can find. The trail is fast and flowy with really fun washout humps. It has a fairly challenging rocky section in the very beginning. After that, it smooths out and you can pick up the pace. Parking is really tight at the staging area, but if you can back up a trailer, you're gonna love it. It's one of our personal favorites.

  6. Rollins Pass- Hands down, my favorite trail by far and worth every minute of the amazing drive there. Stunningly beautiful with high mountain lakes, fishing, and great riding. Rollins Pass has easy trails and Jenny Creek has the harder ones. It's a great blend. Ride above the tundra line near the glaciers. Discover old mine shafts and hike a 1/4 mile to the top of the continental divide. Although open year-round, the snow is too deep in the winter and early spring months.

  7. Park Creek- Difficult/extreme skill level. Open June 16th to November 25th. This is a very popular, but difficult trail system. The main attraction is the Airforce jet plane crash site at the top of trail 203. It's also the most popular moose hangout area near Estes Park. Pony lake is another amazing attraction. You'll have to hike a couple of hundred yards, but the moose love that lake and all the lily pads.

Your search for the “best ATV rentals near me” has brought you to the best off-road rental company in Estes Park.

Not only do we offer ATV and UTV rentals, but we also offer Jeep, Ebike, and scooter rentals, as well as snow adventure riding. Wherever you’re coming from, Estes Park Colorado is one of the top vacation areas in the United States. There is so much to see and do to make your time here enjoyable and action-packed. We are #2 of 51 Outdoor Activities on Tripadvisor! Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date photos and updates on Estes Park events and trail updates.

Read about some of our happy customers’ five-star experiences:

“10/10 - best ATV and Jeep rental outfit! This is the second year in a row that our rental days were the highlight of our vacation! (Not exaggerating….we went back through Estes Park this year just for Backbone and the trails!!) This year we did Middle Saint Vrain in the Jeep followed by Rollins Pass and Johnny Park West on the ATVs. 4 adults and two teens (13 & 16) with a blast had by all.” -Jo

“Great place for jeep and ATV rentals. The staff is so friendly and helpful in lining you out for your day's excursion. We rented the full-day jeep. We chose to take the front doors off, and I was so happy we did. You have your choice of trails to take and they provide you with a GPS that is pre-loaded with all of the trails. We chose to go to Rollins Pass and it did not disappoint. The views up there were amazing. We narrowly made it back in time so be mindful of your time. The return was quick, and they give you an ice cream at the end, the icing on the cake!!! Thank you for a great day!!!” -Terri

Check out more of our outstanding reviews and feedback from our many satisfied clients. We know you’ll be happy when you choose Backbone Adventures as your “best ATV rentals near me.” Visit our website to find out more about the ATV rental process and the trail information.

You can also visit our FAQ page to find answers to your questions. You can contact us by calling 970-235-5045. Backbone Adventures is located in gorgeous Estes Park, Colorado. We offer the best customer service, value, and experience you'll get for your money.

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