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  • Andy Hitch

Why You MUST Visit Estes Park Colorado

I was born and raised in the mountains right outside Estes Park. As a kid I took it for granted. I grew up poor and never got to see the rest of the world.

At 21, I left the mountains. Over the next two decades I experienced other states, countries, the city, oceans, and some country life. I was in the music business and it took me everywhere.

I remember being 40 years old before Estes Park really sunk in. The wife wanted to do some shopping downtown and we had an amazing hike planned. As we came around the final corner in the Big Thompson Canyon, the view I'd seen nearly every day of my young life smacked me in the face like it never had before. I looked at my wife and said, "Damn, I can't believe how beautiful this view is. There's nothing like it anywhere in the world. You come around this corner and you're greeted by huge white cap peaks like something out of a painting. It almost doesn't look real".

I guess it was just old hat for me as a kid. I hadn't seen anything to reference it too at the time. It took traveling the world to understand Estes Park's beauty and uniqueness.

Growing up here, all I did was ride horses, hike, and ride ATV's and dirt bikes. I loved music (still do), but my true passion has always been playing in the dirt in the mountains. I literally started my ATV rental business the next day. Or, at least the concept came to mind that day. It took me a year to save enough money to have a very humble start.

Once I did start my business, I knew I'd found my forever calling. Yeah, playing in the dirt is a blast. But the biggest draw was getting back to living and working in the mountains. I instantly remembered one of my favorite memories as a wrangler at a guest ranch in Estes as a teenager. I loved the mountain work and the visitors. Everyone was happy because they were on vacation. Everyone was so amazed by the beauty around them. Those positive vibes helped create that experience for me.

I simply got into this business in hopes of re-creating those memories and experiences. I wanted to share them with my guests. I enjoy it more then anything.

I've been to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Moab, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Bayou, every ocean, the Smokies, and everywhere else in between. No doubt these places are beautiful in their own way, but nothing compares to Estes Park in my mind. Had I found a better place, I would have landed there permanently in all my travels.

Rocky Mountain National Park, the surrounding National Forest, the spectacular views, and abundant wildlife called me back. I think it will hook you too.

Can't wait to meet you. Stop by my place: Backbone Adventures if you're in town...........

Andy Hitch

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