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Which Dirt Bike Motorcycle Should I Rent / Ride

Choosing the right dirt bike is extremely important. I can't tell you how many people I see try to rent or ride a bike that is way above their skill level.

The KTM 350 XC-F is not a bike to start out on. This is a race bike. It's tall and very powerful. If you have never spent a good amount of time on a 250/300 two stroke or a 250/450 four stroke motocross style bike, you have no business being on this one. You will hurt yourself and cost yourself money. Size doesn't really matter to be honest. My daughter is 5' 3" rides a KTM 450 XC-F. However, she is an accomplished rider who earned her way to that bike by starting small and working her way up.

The Yamaha TTR-230 is a bike you can start out on if you're an adult male or tall female or Teen. However, it does have a clutch. It's an electric start, full size bike with a shorter seat height. It also has a much more tame motor and gear box. It's a great trail bike for the novice rider.

The bigger bike in this picture is the Yamaha TTR-125. Missy is 5' 2" and it fits her well. The TTR-230 is just a bit too tall for her. The TTR-125 is an electric start trail bike with a short seat height and it's very easy to ride. However, it too has a clutch and 5 gears. This bike is great for kids 10 and up, ladies, and teens. Adult males and tall teens should start out on the TTR-230.

The Yamaha TTR-110 is an electric start trail bike. It doesn't have a clutch, so it's very easy to learn on and really fun for the kids and ladies. Alyssa is 5' 4". This bike is a bit small for her, but this is what she learned on. She could have stayed on the 110 all day, but within an hour she transferred to the TTR-125 with a clutch.

These new Stacyc electric bikes are awesome to learn on for the kiddos. Harley is only 4 years old and is still on training wheels for her bicycle. She took to the little Stacyc immediately and fell in love with it. I couldn't get her off of it actually.

These bikes have 3 settings. Level one is great for learning. They have a single left hand brake lever and a very gentle throttle.

Dillon, on the bigger Stacyc, is way to big for it. He was just riding along side Harley in the picture, helping her learn to ride. Kids really like to have other kids to ride with. It keeps them interested.

If you rent the Stacyc bike from us, it will come with an extra battery so you can ride more.

Check out Backbone Adventures and Dirt Bike Rentals for rates and details.

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