I've been renting dirt bikes for over 10 years. Recently though, I decided to drastically change the way I do it. I have always required dirt bike experience when renting. However, 90% of the time, I get lied too and they have very little or no experience at all. I don't mind if someone with real experience teaches someone else, but I do want a hand in knowing they actually know how to do it properly. I've seen too many injuries to continue otherwise. As well, I am sick and tired of seeing my dirt bikes get trashed by folks who have no business on one. I love riding. Dirt bikes are my passion, and even though there is little profit in it, I won't give up. Please submit your application to ride. Be honest, if you show up and I feel you have no business on a bike, I won't hesitate to cancel your ride on the spot. If you're a real rider and you're into single track, note that when you contact me, I might like to ride with you if you'll have me. I can show you some awesome trail. If you want to learn to ride, I might even be interested in teaching you. I love to do that on the side free of charge. I especially like working with kids, ladies, and families. On another note: I do NOT pair dirt bike rentals with any other type of rental. This is a 100% dirt bike experience. 


Dirt Bikes

Price $49 - $199 per day

Automatic bikes for kids as young as 5, all the way up to professional enduro race bikes. 

  • Price is per vehicle

  • NO Security Deposit Required

  • Insurance optional

  • See How it Works



Our Actual Riders and Machines


Stacyc Electric 12v & 16v

My niece Harley and Dillon


Yamaha TTR110 & TTR125

My wife Missy and Alyssa


Yamaha TTR230

My daughter and I


KTM 350 XC-F

Me on the 350 XCF

How it Works

  • Unguided. You trailer bikes to the trail

  • Free truck, trailer, and maps

  • Check in at shop 30 minutes early

  • Sign paperwork and get gear

  • Drive to your choice of trails. See Dirt Bike Trails

  • Multi day rentals available at a discount

  • 23 to rent, no minimum age to ride 

  • Full set rental gear available for rent $25

  • Read: Which Bike Should I Rent


TERMS: Cancellation Policy – To cancel your reservation, you must notify us within 72 hours prior to your scheduled reservation time. You must contact us during normal business hours. Emailed cancellations will not be accepted. If you are a “no show”, you will be charged the full rental amount. Please understand, we have to reserve each ride with a machine and date. After we make that reservation, we are not able to sell the date or the machine to someone else.

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