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ATV and Snowmobile Rentals in Estes Park Colorado

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

During the winter in Estes Park, a lot of people call us about snowmobile rentals and tours. Although we offer snowmobiles, I don't suggest them. I rather prefer ATV rentals and Razors.

Truth is, we don't get as much snow in Estes Park as some other areas. It's not only that though. Sleds are more difficult to ride in our area. They're difficult to ride anywhere to be honest. When we do rent snowmobiles, we also bring ATV's and Razors to the trail. 99 out 100 people end up switching to the Razors. They're just so much more fun. It's really fun to find some of those untouched patches of snow near a campsite and rip around, like you see in the picture above.

Our Polaris RZR 1000 XP razors are very capable in the snow. They have so much power and clearance. Plus the tires just seem to find traction everywhere. We also get a lot of people who rent a couple of our snow sleds when they take out a razor. It's always fun to find a few nice downhill sections and let the kids have at it. Adults too I guess. I'm not ashamed to admit I still get after it every now and then.

Here are some pictures from a ride me and the staff did during the COVID-19 outbreak. We were all so stressed and worried at the time. It was early into the virus scare, so we decided to take our minds off of it and go have some fun. What a much needed day. It was so fun letting go, reconnecting with each other, having snowball fights, and flinging snow all over the place.

If you're in #Colorado, #Vail, #Breckenridge, #Aspen, #Colorado #Springs, #Winter #Park, #Grand #lake, #Denver, #Fort #Collins, or #Estes #Park, come on by and rent an ATV in the snow. You're gonna love it.

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