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  • Andy Hitch

ATV and Jeep Rental Tracking Devices - Estes Park Colorado

So many companies charge outrageous security deposits when you do an ATV Rental or Jeep Rental. They do this even though the vehicles have tracking devices.

We use stealth mounted tracking devices as well. However, we don't charge security deposits. What's the need? We know exactly where the vehicle is at every minute. We also know if the tracking device has been tampered with. We even get sat. images of it and it's location as it moves or while sitting still.

So why charge security deposits? I'll be honest, some people don't keep track of their money very well. Some companies know this. Yes, they will refund your deposit. But if they forget, or better yet, selectively forget, and you forget to ask for it back, somebody made a little more money. Follow me?

We don't play games at Backbone Adventures. We're honest, hard working people, just like you.

We use the Linxup GPS tracking system.

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