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Johnny Park

This is the trail we operate on in the summer and fall months. We are permitted with the Forest Service to stage here. When you do a delivered ATV Rental with us in Estes Park, you simply check in at the main shop and then drive in your car to Johnny Park (25 minutes away). We have all the ATV's there waiting for you, gassed and ready to go. It's easy. 


The Johnny Park trail system is a customer favorite. I have to admit, it's one of my favorites as well. There are more spectacular views than you can shake a stick at and the trails are a blast. In fact, they're so fun, most people forget to keep an eye out for wildlife. There are lots of moose and elk on Johnny. 


Originally (way back when), Johnny Park was a short cut through the rough terrain connecting hwy 7 and hwy 36. It was originally an old logging road and also brought power to nearby land owners (the power is no longer there). Now it is a National Forest 4x4 trail system (your public land). 

Backbone Adventures works hand in glove with Big Thompson 4 wheelers (Jeep club) for the maintenance, restoration, and cleanup of Johnny Park and a few other nearby trails. You may not realize that nearly all national Forest trails in Colorado have an outfitter like Backbone Adventures or a Jeep club who adopt the trails. Without them, who would be there to clean up the mess humans leave behind? 

For those of you who may not understand off-road trails in Colorado, you should know nearly every trail has difficult sections. Johnny Park is no exception. Although most of it is easy, there is a stretch for about a half mile that is moderate to difficult. But that's what makes it fun. That's what we ride here in Colorado. We don't do flat and easy. It's the Rocky Mountains after all. 

Below are a few pictures we've taken on Johnny Park over the last couple years:

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