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  • Andy Hitch

Surviving the Plane Crash Site: ATV or Jeep Rental in Estes Park Colorado

Bunce School Road is one of the most popular ATV and Jeep trail systems in Colorado. The main attraction is trail 203, or T-33 as the locals call it. Reaching the end at nearly 10,000 feet, you'll find the remains of a 1963 Air Force jet plane crash. You'll also find a plaque up there that tells the story of the fatal impact with the mountain. Although you must hike out about 200 yards to the remains, along the way there is an amazing view point on top of a large rock out cropping.

Although everyone wants to see the crash site, few have the skills, common sense, or guts to attempt the trail. Of course, there are those who have more detirmination than brains. Most of those unlucky souls end breaking their machine at some point along the way. In truth, common sense and the simple ability to pick an intelligent line is all it takes to make it.

The first half of the trail is fairly easy by Colorado standards. The second half, starting at the "Gnarly section" pictured above, is steep in places and consists of nothing but rock on top of more rock.

In my opinion, anyone can push a gas pedal and get up the trail. The challenge is to make it without damaging your vehicle. Picking good lines and navigating the more difficult sections is the fun part of the experience.

Bunce School Road has a number of other great trails as well. Check out the Backbone Adventures blogs about those if you get a chance. Don't forget to read about Middle Saint Vrain. In my opinion, it's the coolest trail in Northern Colorado.

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