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Essential Safety Equipment for Your ATV Ride

When you're on vacation in a place like Colorado, you most likely want to enjoy the outdoors. One method for getting deep into nature is to rent ATVs and go on a rugged trail. However, you can't just rent an ATV and go off on a rugged trail without some safety equipment.

Your ATV rental company will likely give you basic protections like a helmet. If you plan on doing a fair amount of off-roading, though, look into purchasing your own safety equipment. Below are the essentials.


Even first-time ATV riders typically know they shouldn't ride even a short while without a helmet. As noted, ATV companies typically loan you a helmet as part of the rental. However, helmets can make or break your ride in terms of comfort, so consider purchasing your own if you plan on off-roading a few times.

The first specification you must look for is a certification from the Department of Transportation, which means the helmet meets a minimum of requirements for the protection of your head. Better quality helmets will meet more standards.

While a motorcycle helmet will work just fine, a motocross helmet might offer you more enjoyment. It provides the same full-face protection as a motorcycle helmet because its molding extends over your chin. The top of the helmet extends out to shield your eyes from the sun. Its visor flips up, and it overall offers more ventilation. Regardless of style, ensure the helmet fits snuggly.


Motorcycle helmets typically come with a stationary visor. As noted, the visor on a motocross helmet flips up. If you use a helmet with a visor, you probably don't need goggles. However, many motocross helmets are open-faced, so you'll need a set of goggles. The advantages of a faceless helmet with goggles is you get even more wind in your face.

As with helmets, goggles need to fit your face comfortably but snuggly. They shouldn't move around on your face, but nor should they pinch it. If your head is small or the goggles are for kids to wear, buy a youth set. You can also find specialty goggles in case you wear glasses; these models fit right over your glasses.

An important aspect of ATV goggles is the foam that sits between the plastic and your face. Its purpose is two-fold. The first is comfort and impact resistance. The foam should offer enough give so you can't feel the plastic frame. Second, it should also create a seal to keep dust out of your eyes. Look also for scratch-resistant lenses and a wide viewport, which will let you see more terrain.


Gloves are not an item of equipment ATV rental companies typically loan out, but they can go a long way toward making your ride more comfortable. They'll also allow you to go off-roading without fear of injuring your hands.

ATV gloves should have several features. One is a tight fit. You don't want any slippage because a prime purpose of the gloves is to prevent blisters. Indeed, a second feature is padding in the palm for just that reason. The back and fingers should also be padded to protect your hands from any items jutting out on the trail. Some palms are rubberized so they don't slip on the handles.

Good ATV gloves also have other features that relate to your preference. For example, you may choose the thickness of the gloves depending on how much of the rugged terrain you want to feel in your hands. You may also look for gloves with more porosity so your skin breathes.

Get the most out of your ATV ride with safety equipment that's comfortable and tailored to your preferences. When you're ready to go ATV riding in Colorado, contact Backbone Adventures.

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