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  • Andy Hitch

Elkins Distillery Explodes - 3 workers Injured

Elkins and Backbone Adventures moved in next to each other in the same month. Since that day, we have strongly supported each other. I've had lots of neighboring businesses in my 30 years in one business or another. Never have I had such truly good people next door. Joe and McShan are awesome people. They're honest, hard working, and just plain nice. The kind of people who'd give the shirt off their back to a stranger.

In 2020, they were the first to be shut down by COVID and the last to be able to open again at a very limited capacity. Then the fire hit Estes Park and shut them down again. Once that was over, COVID reared it's ugly head with a major spike and they were shut down yet again. Two months into 2021 and their distillery exploded.

These folks have had one hell of a time. The have a small tasting room in downtown Estes Park. Please take the time to stop by and support them. The need it and they greatly deserve it.

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