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Ebikes for Rent Colorado

Colorado is a very bike-friendly state. Estes Park is no different. During every month of the year, you’ll see people on bikes on the roads. Since you’re searching for “Ebikes for rent Colorado”, we suspect that you are ready for a biking adventure. The beauty of an Ebike is that it helps you along the way so you are able to go further and save some of your energy up those big mountain hills. At Backbone Adventures we rent high-quality Ebikes that are always ready for whatever adventure you’re planning. We are your trusted rental company for all things outdoors including Jeeps, ATVs, Scooters, and snow adventure vehicles and accessories. We take pride in our high level of customer service and vehicle quality. It's all about providing you with an adventure you'll never forget.

Estes Park has some of the most beautiful bike paths, chalked full of wildlife. Now that you’ve found the best off-road rental company to get your electric bike from, let’s talk about some of the most fantastic bike trails in Estes Park. You can also check out our map of bike trails in Estes Park as you read through our recommendations.

Top 3 best Ebike trails in Estes Park:

  1. Lake Estes Bike Path- The Estes Lake bike path is a leisurely ride that is great for all skill levels. You'll ride right from our shop to where the Lake Estes bike path begins. It’s a paved path that is enjoyable and offers great scenery. The path is a 3.7-mile loop. There is also an option to extend the ride to the lake trail south, through Stanley Park. You can pick up two additional trials on this loop.

  2. Fish Creek Trail- Accessed from the south side of the Lake Estes bike path, you can explore this 6.2-mile out-and-back trail. It is typically considered a bit more challenging. It’s a very popular trail for hiking, road biking, and walking.

  3. Little Valley Dirt Road- This trail can be accessed from the Fish Creek Trail. Our adventure bikes are great on both paved and dirt paths. You can take in the pine trees and the beaver dams along this scenic path.

Backbone Adventures is the top result for your search for “Ebikes for rent Colorado”.

Did you know that Ebikes are much easier than riding regular bicycles? Recently, we did a large group tour with a wide range of riders. The age range was 16 to 51. Some were very experienced mountain bikers in top condition, and some were out of shape and hadn't been on a bicycle since they were a kid. The beauty of a class 2 Ebike is that if you're tired of pedaling, you can simply use the throttle. Everyone stayed together and it was an amazing day for all. Check out Ebike Rentals for guided and unguided rides. We offer the Adventure eBike, Crossover eBike, and Full Suspension eBike MTB.

Read about some of our happy customers’ five-star experiences:

“My wife and I rented a couple of e-bikes from Backbone Adventures. Andy and the rest of the staff were a pleasure to deal with. Being Ebike first-timers they took their time with us and carefully explained the bikes and the local trails to us. They made sure we were comfortable on the bikes before they turned us loose. We’ll definitely use Backbone in the future. All of their equipment, ATVs, bikes, and Jeeps were clean and well-maintained. The staff was all a lot of fun and knowledgeable!” -Calvin

“Customer service was great. If you're looking for a fun adventure try this out. I'd recommend this adventure to anyone looking to explore and see the beautiful scenery. Nothing is hidden they aren't going to try and nickel and dime you. The equipment is new and well-maintained. We look forward to our next adventure with Backbone Adventures.” -Antoine

Check out more of our amazing reviews and insights from our many satisfied clients. We’d love to help you explore the Rocky Mountains and can satisfy your search for “Ebikes for rent Colorado”. Explore our website to find out more about all the ATV, Jeep, Electric Scooter, Ebike, and Snow Adventure rentals we offer. You can also contact us by calling 970-235-5045. Backbone Adventures is located in stunning Estes Park, Colorado.

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