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Dirt Bike Motorcycle Rentals for the Whole Family in Colorado

My true passion has always been dirt bikes. Some of the best memories for me, my wife, and daughter have been riding dirt bikes together or with friends.

Dirt bike riding is a special thing. Anyone can push a gas pedal and steer a UTV. Anyone can hop on an ATV and ride. Riding a motorcycle in the dirt takes skill, and that's what makes it more fun. You may not be very good at first. In fact, I guarantee you're gonna fall over or crash. Truth is, if you do it right, that part of it is fun as well believe it or not.

I'll never forget watching my daughter whiskey throttle it into a fence. It scared the hell out of her at 6 years old. However, just like your daddy may have told you about riding a horse: "If you get bucked off, you MUST get right back on." My daughter did get right back on. A few years later she was racing in front of thousands of people. At 16, she won the women's enduro championship in the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit. It wasn't me pushing that got her to that point. She did it. She did it because she loved it. She loved it because we took it easy at first and rode with friends and family. Her best memories as a child were of the times she rode with friends in the mountains. Her proudest moment in life was failing time and again before finally figuring it out.

If this sounds like a sales pitch to get you and your family to rent dirt bikes from Backbone Adventures, you're right, it is. Not because I want your money. I do well enough as it is with Jeeps and ATV's. I want you to do it because I truly believe in the power of family togetherness revolving around something difficult and extremely exciting. It builds relationships and memories like no other. The only downside is that if works out, you're gonna be broke. I can't tell you how much I've spent on dirt bikes, riding gear, races, and camping trips. It was worth every damn penny though.

Here are some pictures of some of our adventures together:

My daughter's 4th dirt bike. She started on a 50cc KTM. Then on a 70cc Honda. Then on to a 90cc Yamaha. Then on to this 140cc Kawasaki. They got bigger and faster from there. Told you....... expensive!

My daughter and her 2 best friends.

Slaying the boys in the Rapid City Extreme Enduro

Her telling me what I'm doing wrong (why I had such a shitty moto)

Coaching me before a race.

Me after not listening to her.

Some days are better than others. My 1st place win at the 2019 Endurocross.

Awesome day fall day riding with the boys and my daughter on some sweat single track.

Aint nothing better than camping and riding. (not our razors in the back ground)

The win that got her the championship at age 16. Riding a Beta 300 RR. Same bike I ride.

Her showing off in front of the boys.

Our trip down to Arkansas to do a little camping and riding in the Ozarks. What a blast!

Race season award ceremony in Denver.

Camping and riding in desert terrain. Yes, my wife rides. She's just always taking the pictures.

Riding Storm Mountain (where we live)

Family ride in Gould Colorado. This just happen to be the day my daughter finally rode faster than me. What a grand feeling at the moment I took this picture. Realizing the woman and rider she'd become, the amazing view, and the pure joy of enjoying a beautiful day with my family riding the Rocky Mountains. Then she looked back and screamed at me to keep up! Little shit..............

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