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  • Andy Hitch

Dirt Bike Lessons with Backbone Adventures Motorcycle Rental

Watch this video if you want to learn to ride a dirt bike the proper way. If you would rather learn in person, I'd be happy to teach you at no cost. If you rent a dirt bike from us and want to learn, let us know and we can set something up.

My passion is riding dirt bikes and I love teaching people to ride. Most importantly, I love teaching people the right way.

The reason I don't charge for this service is a long story and one I don't care to talk about. Let's just say I witnessed someone learn the wrong way and it was fatal. Please don't let that scare you out of this sport. Dirt Bike riding is safer than ATV or UTV riding in my opinion. I have seen a number of fatalities and very serious injuries on those other machines.

The main reason I want you to learn the proper way, is so you'll fall in love with the sport and stick with it as my family has. I started Backbone Adventures initially because of my passion for dirt bikes. My very first rentals were motorcycles actually.

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