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  • Andy Hitch

ATV and Jeep Rental Pictures: NOT FAKE

Something that REALLY pisses me off are fake pictures on a company website. I want to know what I'm buying. I don't want to be lied too or have the ole bait and switch pulled on me.

In truth, there are very few ATV rental companies that use their own pictures. Most are stock images, stolen images, or they're pulled off a manufacturers website. None of which will give you an accurate idea of what you're going to experience. Most are designed to grab your attention and give you a false sense of hope. To make matters worse, a lot of the time they use images of vehicles they don't even offer. It should be considered false advertising in my opinion.

Some of my competitors in Colorado use fake images. Hell, I've even had them steal my pictures!

For example: This is a picture taken a few years ago of some of my actual riders, my machine, and my trail. I like to have picture of rider's faces whenever possible. Fake, or stock images will often hide the face via helmet and goggles.

This is a stock image. It was taken by the Polaris company and it wasn't even shot in Colorado.

I spend a lot of time and money to capture accurate images of our riders, machines, and trails. I'm not sure you understand how important this is. If you're dealing with a company who lies to you via their website and other advertising forms, what's to stop them from lying to you when it comes to damages they "say" you did to their machine? You're dealing a low integrity company to begin with, so expect to get screwed one way or the other.

My advice: If you want to book a Jeep rental or ATV rental with company, ask them questions.

1. Is the picture on your site of the ATV I want to rent, the actual one I will get? What is the size, make, year, and model?

2. I see cool looking trail pictures on your site, are those the actual trails I'll be riding on?

3. How does this work exactly? What should I expect?

If you find out when your ride is over, or before you even no start that you've been lied too, do something about it. Launch a complaint with the BBB. Give them and bad review on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google. Nothing hurts a business more these days than a bad review. You are a consumer, you do have power. Use it!

Also, see my blog about Quality ATV Rentals in Colorado

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