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A Little Slice of Heaven: Weddings in Estes Park, Colorado

A smiling woman in a wedding dress and a man in a suit holding flowers are riding in an ATV through splashing water.

We all know that wedding planning is a huge undertaking. Between celebrations with family, booking vendors, finding the dress and tux, and locating the perfect venue, all while trying to enjoy the bliss that comes with finding your forever person, planning a wedding is no small task. For many brides- and grooms-to-be, the first step in the process is finding the perfect location for arguably the biggest celebration of their lives to come.

Even just deciding on beautiful Estes Park, CO only narrows the options slightly, as Estes is one of the top wedding destinations in the United States. And for good reason - there are numerous gorgeous venues to choose from, all with some level of grandeur just for being located in the incredible Rocky Mountains. How can you possibly choose which venue is the best option for your celebration? This week, we are outlining three of our top recommendations for wedding venues in Estes Park. 

1. The Landing at Estes Park

A quaint wedding venue composed of brown and white buildings nestled among trees at the base of snow covered mountains.

The Landing at Estes Park is located right outside the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park and its quaint, serene location is matched only by the warm and friendly hospitality of the staff. With plenty of suites and cabins where modern comfort meets rustic charm, The Landing offers high quality accommodations for parties big and small at several price points. Where some hotels might cram rooms into every square inch of the property, The Landing has left a large portion of their property by the river undeveloped and pristine, which is perfect for either a ceremony location or photoshoots. We believe this speaks to their quality mindset: they provide an exemplary view for guests instead of squeezing the area for all its worth. 

Additionally, The Landing has an amazing reception hall with a large deck that overlooks the river. Accommodating up to 120 guests, this makes it a perfect place for a reception if having the ceremony itself off-site. With plenty of parking and good accessibility to both Rocky Mountain National Park and the downtown Estes area, The Landing is a great place for even larger weddings to experience that rustic mountain charm that our area is known for. 

2. Romantic RiverSong Inn

In the foreground is a sign reading "River Song." In the background, a yellow and green building with cars parked out front sits at the base of a pine tree covered mountain.

If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate venue, look no further than this quaint bed and breakfast located right on the river. The Romantic RiverSong Inn only accommodates wedding parties of 20 people or less, so it is the perfect option for an elopement or micro-wedding in Estes Park. Our owner, Andy, says, “I’d wager it’s one of the most beautiful outdoor settings in Estes Park.” With no other hotels or homes in sight, the Romantic RiverSong Inn sports unique rooms and special touches in every suite and cabin. The owners of the inn have spared no expense when it comes to the distinctive design touches that grace the property: for example, bathrooms with skylights and antique watering cans that have been converted into shower heads. These intimate details will surely leave you with a sense of awe at the love and care put into your stay. 

“I’m not a religious person, but it’s as if God himself created this special little place in the world.” - Andy Hitch, owner of Backbone Adventures

Speaking of love and care, the managers of the property, a couple who have managed the Romantic RiverSong Inn for many years, each pride themselves on helping guests have an unforgettable wedding experience. Jim handles the maintenance and physical setup, while Cheryl lends a hand to every aspect of the wedding to ensure it goes exactly to the happy couple’s plan. Weddings at the inn are an engaged couple’s dream: the managers endeavor to exceed all expectations and accept no less than perfection for their guests. Again, our owner Andy had this to say about the inn: “I’m not a religious person, but it’s as if God himself created this special little place in the world.”

3. Della Terra Mountain Chateau

A dusk shot of a stone wedding venue with people inside.

You probably can’t even Google weddings in Estes Park without reading about Della Terra Mountain Chateau. As a luxury boutique inn, Della Terra is one of the top choices for wedding venues in Estes Park. Known for its high level of service and wide variety of services, contacts, and partnerships in town, this venue is one of the top dogs for a reason. With multiple ceremony location options that keep the variable Colorado weather in mind, onsite getting-ready areas, and much more, Della Terra is the elite option in Estes Park for couples who want to spare no expense to ensure the perfect day all in one place. 

Our role in your big day

With tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of wedding guests coming to Estes Park every year, we know that the main wedding day is usually not the only day folks are in town. Guests and wedding members alike are looking to enjoy their time in Estes on the off days as well. Between bachelor and bachelorette parties, activities for after welcome brunches, and day-after get-togethers, your guests will find something perfect to scratch the adventure-seeking itch here at Backbone Adventures. 

Want to go fast in the dirt? We’ve got you with a Razor. Want to take it easy and enjoy the beauty at a slower pace? A Jeep will get you out and about in the forest without the intensity of a Razor. Want to avoid dirt altogether? Enjoy a zippy ride in a Slingshot! If speed and dirt aren’t for you, rent some e-bikes and enjoy the beauty of Lake Estes, the surrounding Rocky Mountains, and the high level of service that only we can offer. We pride ourselves on offering the same high quality, unique level of service that our recommended wedding venues do, and that is why we choose to work with these vendors over all the others. 

Ready to take the next step toward happily ever after? Book today and get ready to make your big day even more special!

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