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4 Tips for a First-Time ATV Trail Rider

If you want to explore the outdoors, an ATV rental provides a great way to go through trails, see nature, and have a thrilling experience at the same time. If you've never rode an ATV before, you do not need to worry as the rides provide safe and fun ways to explore trails.

Before you head out on your first trip, follow our tips and guidelines so you are fully prepared when you go out.

1. Rent Multi-Seat Vehicles

When you embark on your first ATV trail ride, you may feel a little overwhelmed riding alone. Split the ride time with a family member or friend by renting a multi-seat ATV. ATV rentals include two-seaters and four-seaters, which gives you the option to enjoy the ride without being behind the wheel the whole time.

As you make your way through trails, you will become more comfortable and take a turn behind the wheel. The more you drive, the more your comfort will grow. After your first trip, you can consider going alone on a future trip. For many ATVs, you just have to pass by the initial learning curve, and then you will become a lot more comfortable operating the vehicle.

Watch safety videos and guides before you go to have a clear understanding of what you are riding on. If you go in blindly, you do not want to come across features or options you are not aware of. In most cases, a multi-seat vehicle is not much different than operating a car. The ride is so easy that little to no training is involved, and the automatic transmission does the work.

2. Use Built-In GPS

On your first ATV ride, you are likely exploring trails you have never been on before. While mountain trails are usually easy to follow and go around in a loop, you will feel a lot more comfortable navigating trails with a built-in GPS. While phones offer GPS coverage, a GPS panel built into ATV rentals will provide you with clear guidance and trail paths to follow.

You can rent an ATV with a trip programmed into the GPS so that you do not need to worry about accidentally going off-trail or not finding your way back home. The GPS can also highlight some fun parts of the trip, including lookout points, areas of water, and places to stop off for a snack.

Even if you do not use the GPS the whole time, the peace of mind and comfort will help ease any worries or anxiety you have over your first trip.

3. Rent ATVs With Smooth Suspension

For your first time on a trail, the bumps and movements felt in the ATV could create surprise you. The bumps are all part of the trail experience as you travel through mountain areas. To help ease the bumps and create a smoother ride, ask to rent an ATV with the largest and smoothest suspension.

A smooth suspension will allow you to travel over rocks, sticks, and bumps without the dramatic movements on the ATV. As you ride, your confidence will build and you will quickly get used to the tough terrain. Along with smooth suspension, keep your eyes ahead to spot any bumps or items along the way so you are not surprised.

4. Purchase ATV Insurance

As you operate an ATV for the first time, one worry may be ensuring you do not damage the vehicle. One way to help reduce stress is with the purchase of ATV insurance. The insurance will cover any major damage costs and repairs if needed. Mostly, the insurance acts as a peace of mind and allows you to enjoy the trails without any possible financial burden.

For more information on our ATV rentals, contact us at Backbone Adventures. We have a number of ATV rentals to choose from, and our experts will guide you along the way to embark on your first ATV trail ride.

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