We have tried over the years to offer snowmobile rentals and tours in Estes Park. However, snowmobile riding in our neck of the woods is VERY difficult. The picture below represents a very short section of flat, smooth, and level trail. The majority of the trail is everything but. I'd say 99% of the snowmobiles we rented in the past, those people ended up converting to a Razor (which is MUCH more fun). I'll be 100% honest with you: The flat and easy sections of the trail is where we saw more accidents than we care to remember. Snowmobiles are NOT for beginners. It doesn't matter where you ride. For your safety, and our sanity, we can no longer, in good conscience, rent snowmobiles.

However, if you have your heart set on snowmobile rentals and / or guided tours, check out On the Trail Rentals in Grand Lake, Co. If you REALLY want to have fun in the snow, consider a Razor ride. They're a blast!

snowmobile rental in Estes Park Colorado