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  • Andy Hitch

Winter ATV Riding - The Truth

Rather than confuse you in order to get a sale, we like to be 100% up front and very detailed in how your ride will work and the trails available.

Here’s the truth:

  1. The only public trail open (with available legal parking) Jan – May is Switzerland trail. Good news is, Switz is one of the best trails around and a customer favorite.

  2. It takes 50 – 55 minutes to get to Switzerland trail from Estes Park.

  3. When we say your ride time is 3 hours, that means you will get 3 hours in the Razor on the trail. You will NOT lose ride time because of check in or drive time to the trail.

  4. The machine you see on our site is the machine you’ll get. We don’t play the bait and switch game.

  5. Our tow vehicles are 4x4 and are outfitted with new studded snow tires.

Need to Know:

  1. During the winter, when snow is on the road, we require you have experience in a 4 wheel drive vehicle on snow packed roads. If you don’t have that experience, it is NOT safe for you to pull a loaded trailer.

  2. We also require experience pulling a trailer, especially in snowy conditions. Without that basic experience, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation. We simply won’t allow it. We like money as much as the next guy, but not when it comes to an unsafe situation.

  3. Riding a Razor on a snowy trail is a lot of fun and something anyone can do. However, driving a tow vehicle with a load, on a snowy highway or county road, with hills, requires experience.

Switzerland Trail in the Winter

What's Wrong With Bunce?

  1. It's a very short trail system with only an hour or so of riding available, due to the fact that Boulder County blocked most of the trail this year for ATV's.

  2. All legal parking / staging areas for ATV's have been blocked. It is NOT legal to park on the side of the road or stage in the old parking lot above the historic school house. Even if you did decide to risk it and park in that lot, the snow is very deep. You'll get stuck if you have a truck and trailer.

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