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Truck and Trailer vs. Delivered to the Trail - What's the Difference?

Two people ride in an ATV with dust flying behind the vehicle, with trees and mountains in the background.

So - you are thinking about booking an ATV ride with Backbone Adventures for your next off-roading adventure. You are aware that there are two options for your group to choose from - either having the machines dropped off at the trail by our staff, or renting a truck and trailer and driving to the trail yourself. Both options cost the same amount, so you need to decide between the options based on how exactly you want your experience to look. This week, we are breaking down the options so you can choose the option that is best for your adventure. 

Truck and Trailer 

The truck and trailer option provides flexibility in many ways. Groups choosing this option will have the opportunity to choose between a half-day ride or a full-day ride, as well as the freedom of choice of

to choose from. Included in the price of both the half and full day options are the machine you book, a tow vehicle, and the trailer to transport the machine to the trail. This option screams independence: simply arrive at Backbone Adventures 30 minutes before the time slot chosen at checkout, fill out paperwork and receive training on the machine, grab your helmets, and get out the door to drive to the trail of your choice. 

Who is this option best for? 

  1. Groups with experience in driving a truck and pulling a trailer

  2. Groups who are wanting a full-day experience instead of a half day

  3. Groups who want the flexibility of choosing what trail they want to ride

Delivered to the Trail

The delivered option, which opens on June 16th, 2024, is the perfect option for groups looking for convenience. Without the added steps of choosing the best trail, whether to pick the half or full day option, or having to bring the machines back to the shop once your adventure is over, the delivered option offers a hassle-free experience at no additional cost. 

For this option, riders will need to arrive at Backbone Adventures one hour before the time slot selected at checkout to ensure enough time to fill out all paperwork and admin requirements before driving your own car out to the Johnny Park trailhead, which is the designated trail for this option. Don’t worry, though - this area has incredible views, a super fun trail system, and is the perfect length for the half-day ride that is preselected for this option. We provide detailed instructions on how to get to the trailhead, so as to not disturb the cozy residential community near the trailhead. 

"We rented a UTV and explored the Johnny trail. We had an awesome time!! Trails are challenging and a ton of fun." - Shelli, Google reviewer

Who is this option best for? 

  1. Larger groups that would not fit, or for whom it would not be a comfortable fit, to ride in the tow vehicles to the trail

  2. First-time riders who are looking for a more done-for-you experience - who just want to get out there and ride without having too many decisions to make 

  3. Groups without experience in driving a truck or pulling a trailer

  4. Groups who are staying outside of Estes Park via Highway 36 - once your ride is finished, simply hop back in your vehicle at the trailhead and get back on 36 in a matter of minutes with no required stop back at Backbone Adventures

Final Thoughts

No matter which option your group decides on, we are heading into an epic summer of epic trail riding, incredible wildlife viewing, and making memories your group will cherish for a lifetime. Now that you are familiar with the options for ATV rentals in Estes Park this season, book today and get your group excited for their new favorite outdoor activity.

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