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The BEST E-Bike Guided Tour In Rocky Mountain National Park

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

What is it like riding an E-Bike while being surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park? I will show you.

This guided E-Bike tour starts at our main location at Backbone Adventures at 7:30 am where you drop off your vehicle, get helmets, sign paperwork and buy merchandise if desired. The tour begins at 8 where we ride up to the park entrance and bike all the way to the visitor’s center at 12,000 feet. This is a great ride on paved roads and allows for so much sightseeing and wildlife spotting. When riding an E-Bike it also works with you, giving assistance going uphill and the ability to match the effort you are pedaling with. The great part of this guided ride is the photo opportunities along the way and all the details and descriptions given by the tour guide. A tour group is limited to 8 people or less and gives the option for smaller families to essentially have a private tour in the national park, which is priceless. Another benefit of the guided rides is the knowledge that you have an expert with you in case of questions or concerns and give you clarity and peace of mind. More exciting parts of the tour include the stops at the height of Rocky Mountain National Park where the elevation is 12,000 feet and panoramic views are seen everywhere.

With just some of the benefits listed we encourage you to take a biking trip and see nature and our national park just a bit differently. With e-bikes you are also given options on how quick it is and how much effort you put in changes it, which is great for beginners. Overall, you should book a guided tour with Backbone because we want you to have the best experience and give you memories of a lifetime.

tour guide marc on bike in the park


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