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Ready to Take on Estes on Two Wheels?

Are you visiting the Estes valley and wanting to see the beauty of the area from a whole new perspective? Enter the Backbone Adventures e-bike option! If you have never ridden an e-bike before, you’ll quickly find that they are a step above when exploring the beauty in and around Estes Park. 

What makes an e-bike different from a regular bike? 

E-bikes allow riders to travel faster and more efficiently than regular bikes do. Powered by a battery that can power your ride for approximately 40 miles or 2-3 hours depending on throttle usage, e-bikes are workhorses when it comes to pedaling around the Estes valley. Where normal bikes require quite a bit of effort to climb hills, e-bikes handle them with ease thanks to both the throttle option and the pedal assist, which can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs. 

What’s the difference between pedal assist and using the throttle? 

Our e-bikes are equipped with two self-propulsion options, and both are great for different reasons. The throttle is similar to that on a dirt bike or even a car - use the throttle, and the bike will move forward with no effort required from the user. However, this can quickly drain the battery of the e-bike, shortening the ride experience if used too often. This is where the pedal assist comes in handy, as it uses significantly less battery power than using strictly the throttle does. 

The pedal assist does exactly as the name implies - it adds juice to each pedal push exerted by the rider. Using pedal assist, which can be adjusted between power levels depending on the desired climb/speed, is the best way to preserve battery life and allow the user to enjoy the benefits of the e-bike for the entirety of their ride. 

Can you take e-bikes wherever you can ride a normal bike? 

Yes and no - e-bikes can generally travel in areas where normal bikes can, but we do not permit riders to ride e-bikes into the downtown area for the user’s safety. E-bikes are also not permitted on the pump track located near Lake Estes, as e-bikes are not built for the hard jumps and turns of the bike park. Otherwise, e-bikes are permitted on the trails around Lake Estes, on the Fish Creek bike paths, and on other trails where bikes are permitted. See our e-bike trails page for more information and for maps of the bike trails we recommend.

The equipment was in top condition. I cannot say enough about the staff! They were fun, informative, responsive -- we would absolutely recommend Backbone Adventures! - Molly M.

Can I bring my whole family along on an e-bike adventure? 

As long as everyone in the family can ride a normal bike, they are welcome to rent our e-bikes! If you have a family member who is either too young or unable to ride a bike unassisted, we offer additional options such as trailers and tag-alongs that can allow these family members to enjoy the adventure with you. Please see our e-bike page for more information on these options. 

How do I book an e-bike? 

Visit our e-bike booking page for ride times and availability. 

We look forward to helping you get out and see the Estes valley from a whole new perspective. Reserve your e-bikes today!

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