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Proposal in the Rocky Mountains

Dreaming of having a different engagement or elopement trip? A romantic proposal/getaway in the mountains? At Backbone Adventures we promise to give you just that, a time full of views, fun and adventure. When planning a romantic getaway there is nothing better than an off-roading trip with your significant other where comfort levels are challenged, and the conversations are flowing. This trip can allow for perfect viewpoints, a romantic picnic, great photos, bonding time and more, the possibilities are endless.

In beautiful Colorado people love exploring, and we want to give that experience to all our renters. We have so many couples come through our door and return engaged, married or on a honeymoon or anniversary trip. We love spreading the love of the mountains and what we do, and we hope it shows to all. When booking your adventure, we want to cater to you as much as possible. If you are booking in secret as a surprise, add that in the notes to a reservation, a wedding or elopement on trails we would LOVE hearing about it, and an engagement party we just love being a part of everyone else’s story and love.

What we take pride in at Backbone Adventures is our attention to individuality and detail. We want everyone in the party to feel welcomed, excited and pumped to be here. We invite you to come and celebrate with us and explore some of our favorite trails in any of our machines.

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