• Andy Hitch

Polaris Problems

For 11 years I've been renting Polaris Machines. They've always been very problematic, but in the last couple years, things have gotten much worse.

We are switching to Kawasaki for a number of reasons:

  1. They're reliable and built much better.

  2. We have experience with them and know how they hold up.

  3. They're made in the USA.

That's right. The side x sides were designed in the USA, the machines are made in Lincoln Nebraska, and the motors are made in Maryville Missouri. All by American workers. We are more than happy to support them.

Polaris (an American company) manufactures in Mexico, and in my opinion, their "save a buck" mind set is really starting to show.

This isn't something I will tolerate. The last thing you want is to break down on the trail and be stranded because of faulty or low quality engineering. Yes, it happened way more often than I care to admit in 2021.

The bottom line: Their transmissions and clutches are absolute garbage. The whole machine (RZR 1000 XP Premium) is completely subpar to Kawasaki in every way.

The 4 seat side x side is a big switch. You can see the difference whether you know what your looking at or not. The Polaris is much longer and sportier looking. Don't let that fool you. The Teryx4 S (sport model) comes with some advantages.

  1. Back seat passengers can actually see in front of them (unlike in the RZR)

  2. The shocks have improved, so it's a smooth ride (just as smooth as the Polaris).

  3. Clearance has improved from the factory and in the larger tires we have on them.

  4. I think I covered the reliability factor (which should be your highest concern).

No matter what happens, even if you decide to rent with someone else because he offers Polaris, I will never switch back. You are my number one priority, and for that reason, I'll accept nothing less than the best.

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