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Packing Essentials for Your Colorado Jeep Camping Trip

Tourists flock to Colorado to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. A popular activity is to camp in the mountains. In fact, companies even offer vehicle rentals, such as Jeeps, that let you get off-road for your camping adventure.

Visitors might not be aware of some of the essentials you need when you camp in the mountains of Colorado, though. Before you head off on a Jeep trip, discover some of the essentials you'll need.


The mainstay of any camping trip is the tent. Often, overnight Jeep trips include a tent, or you might be able to rent one. Even if you decide to buy one, you don't need a fancy tent. Look for one that has good ventilation both on the sides and the top. Ventilation through the sides is useful for Colorado afternoon rain showers. The top ventilation lets you cool down the tent.

Sleeping Bag

The other mainstay of camping is the sleeping bag. Typically, you have to bring your own. A sleeping bag must keep you warm and dry. Look for one that opens and closes easily. In the mountains of Colorado, the nights are drastically cooler than in the daytime. Even in the summertime, you need a sleeping bag rated at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Layers of Clothing

In Colorado, days are often hot and nights are usually cold. In between the high and low of a day, you'll experience a myriad of temperatures. Therefore, plan to dress in layers. Look for lightweight pieces in both short and long sleeves that layer well. Jeans or hiking shorts are appropriate bottoms. Likewise, consider a set of long underwear for nighttime.

Essential Accessories

In that vein, you also need specific accessories to keep you comfortable. For example, bring along a lightweight but warm jacket for the evenings. Likewise, the sun shines most days in Colorado, so bring sunglasses to protect your eyes. A hat is useful, too, to protect your head from the sun. If you plan on doing some light rock climbing, consider packing some gloves, too.

Appropriate Footwear

You're going off-roading so you can enjoy rugged nature. If you plan to hike as well, you'll enjoy your hikes a lot more if you have the appropriate footwear. Tennis shoes aren't usually sufficient. You need hiking boots if you plan on hiking any rocky trails. Make sure your hiking boots fit well and feel comfortable. Bring warm, comfortable socks, too.


A common perception is that Colorado is chillier than many states so you don't need sun protection. However, in Estes Park, you're up to two miles high, which makes you that much closer to the sun. Colorado also has a semiarid climate. Therefore, sunscreen is essential. Look for a long-wearing sunscreen with a high SPF. Don't forget sunscreen for your lips, too.

Extra Water or Filtration System

Altitude sickness is a real danger in Colorado. Even locals fall prey to the illness when they go to the mountains. A key preventative measure is to drink more water than usual. You should plan to either add an extra liter a day or drink three to four quarts a day total. You can either bring bottled water or invest in a filtration system.


Naturally, you want food for your camping trip. Another way to combat altitude sickness, though, is to carb load. Look for meals and snacks heavy in carbohydrates. That said, stay away from the beer or other alcohol while you're in the mountains. Alcohol has a stronger effect on you at altitude, and it may exacerbate altitude sickness symptoms. Plan for a beer in Estes Park instead.

Plastic Bags

Part of the beauty of the Colorado Mountains is in their pristine state. The state aims to keep it that way, so they follow the Leave No Trace Policy. Essentially, you should leave the campsite looking exactly how you found it. A selection of plastic bags will help you pack out all your waste. Be aware — that waste includes used toilet paper and food scraps.

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