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Elk Fest 2023

This year's Estes Park Elk Fest is almost here, and Backbone Adventures is a proud sponsor! The Elk Fest is all about learning the history of these animals, the community they bring together and how the elk shape the local environment. With the Rut here, you can see the male elk in full glory after the felt has been shed where the antlers are clean and big. The calves have grown significantly and the elk stay in herds around town. Many people see the elk around Lake Estes, the Estes Park Health Center, the Visitor Center, downtown in either parks, and the golf course. But while these spots are just the most common place to observe them, you may see elk exploring the city where you least expect it. While the elk spotting's are great, they are still wild animals that you should enjoy from afar. When interacting with elk DO NOT APPROACH them, do not feed them and don’t antagonize them. They are still wild animals integral to our ecosystem that need to stay wild. You are encouraged to take pictures and enjoy them from afar, while learning the history of elk and Estes Park at the Elk Festival.

Here you see us elk shed hunting while enjoying all the nature a lifted Jeep can take you too. Elk sheds are such a fun thing to look for, and causes no harm to the animal as they are lost naturally. Sheds come in so many varieties, we love seeing nature at it's finest.

Stop by our booth at the Elk Fest 2023, which is Saturday Sep. 30th, and Sunday Oct. 1st. There will be giveaways, raffles, music, food, and Backbone will have our rigs and machines for photo ops and other prizes! Come and spend a day at the Elk Fest 2023 with us!

Elk shed season with a girl near a fresh elk shed by a Backbone Adventures Jeep.

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