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Ebike Riding in Estes Park Colorado - So Awesome!

Ebike riding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. It's so popular, people are finding it difficult to even buy a quality ebike at times.

When I first got into the business of renting ebikes in 2021, I started with 4 and had no idea how fun and popular it would be. Fast forward one year, I have 54 ebikes.

Why is it so popular in Estes Park?

  1. The bike paths here are amazingly beautiful and chalked full of wildlife.

  2. There is simply no better way to experience Estes Park.

  3. Estes Park is in the mountains, which means hills. It's hard to peddle a bike up a hill. Ebikes eliminate that difficulty and instead, they make it fun.

  4. Everyone can ride an ebike. If you have a bum knee, not used to the thin air, or aren't in great shape, an ebike is your solution for a really fun activity. If you are in good shape, an ebike just ads to your experience.

  5. More than anything, bike riding in Estes Park connects you to the nature we have. It's something I have a hard time putting into words. You need to experience for yourself. Until that time, you're missing out on something really special.

Let's address the elephant in the room from a man's perspective. I'll use myself as an example and maybe you can relate? I'm an outdoorsman. I hunt, fish, ride dirt bikes, and enjoy hard work (man work). Most often you'll find me in work boots, blue jeans, and a flannel. Point being, I'm not the kind of guy you see riding a bicycle around. I can tell you right now, you'd never see me in tight bike shorts and goofy shoes. Thankfully, ebike riding in Estes doesn't require that crap.

One year ago my wife and I were on vacation in a town with limited activities. Our choices were side x sides (ATV) or ebikes. She asked me what I'd rather do and the answer was obvious. After our extremely fun ATV ride she talked me into the ebikes as well (this is how she gets me. I got suckered). I can't even begin to explain my reluctance. The goofy helmet made things even worse. Just look at the lack of expression on my face. This picture was taken just before we started riding. Look at that smile on her face. She's knows she manipulated me and got what she wanted right from the start. LOL, love ya babe.

Long story short, I bought 4 ebikes the second we got home. I was hooked.

In 2021, I spent more time on ebikes than I did Jeeps, ATV's, and even my own dirt bike. No, I'm not giving up on motorized off-roading. That will never happen. I love that stuff. But I'm still surprised at how much fun ebike riding is. I like it all. I like just cruising around Lake Estes and I like getting off-road on an electric mountain bike.

As the 2021 season in our business wore on, I began to realize how much fun our ebike renters were having. They weren't coming back just saying "that was good time". They were coming back saying, "that was soooo awesome, I can't wait to come back and do it again".

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this sport is for everyone and it's a surprising good time. I've been in the ATV and Jeep rental business for over a decade in Estes Park. Nearly every customer eventually comes back and rides with us again. Some come back every year. I talk with my customers after their ride. I always like to know how it went. Off-roading isn't for everyone. There are a few city folks that might not enjoy it. I have yet to find someone, even country folks, who don't absolutely love riding ebikes once they experience it.

Andy Hitch

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