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Oscar Mike and Backbone Adventures- A PERFECT Match to Help Disabled Veterans

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At Backbone Adventures we partnered with the Oscar Mike Foundation, where they dedicate themselves to helping disabled veterans and give them more opportunities. This included bonding vacations, a facility onsite providing all inclusive sports, team building and more. We are so happy we got to rip around with these guys and give them an absolute blast on Switzerland Trail. Here we provided an “unguided guided tour” where we drove them yet had multiple stops for photos, lunch, options for which side trail they wanted and similar. And one of the best parts was enjoying the conversations and comradery with everyone. We love being able to connect and help an organization who stands for so much and we are blessed we can share in that experience. The Oscar Mike Motto: “Build a vibrant, connected community that keeps America and her veterans “on-the-move” by actively supporting and improving mobility, accessibility, mental health, and well-being”

Check out more of what they do and stand for:


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