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  • Andy Hitch

ATV Trail Maps In Estes Park Colorado

If there is one thing I can't stand over anything else, it's dishonest people.

Some ATV rental companies like to play the bait and switch game and regularly promote VERY inaccurate trail maps that will get you in serious trouble.

Here's the long and short of it for clarification.

  • Old Fall River Road is NOT an ATV trail. You'll go to jail if you attempt to ride an ATV in the National Park.

  • Trail maps you see on "other" websites are wrong. They instruct you to ride on illegal county roads and on private property. These land owners are NOT happy about it and will call the police.

I'm not in this business to make a quick buck and treat people like garbage. I love what I do, the customers, and the beautiful mountain trails I'd like to see remain beautiful. The pictures you see on this website belong to us. We took every picture. They're of our riders, in our machines, and on trails in our area.

Normally I won't write something like this. However, bogus information affects everyone. I hate to see my own customers print off improper maps and get themselves in trouble. Please respect our public trails, private property, laws, and each other.

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