Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, riding dirt bikes, ATV’s, banged up old Jeeps and green broke horses, I knew early on where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. After working as a wrangler in Estes Park, I realized how much I loved working in the tourism business. I raised my daughter in the mountains offering her the same values my father taught me.

Today, you’ll find one or both of us working the trail or in the shop. My wife and parents also help with the business from time to time, and everyone that works here is considered family. We love what we do, the people, each other, and the good times. I hope you’ll come enjoy them with us, I promise you’ll never forget it.

Foscos ripping it up!
So fun in the snow. Polaris RZR 1000 XP with Ride Command in Estes Park Colorado. ATV rentals
Fosco Family
Some awesome folks who rode with us in a brand new Polaris RZR 1000 XP atv rental in Estes Park Colorado
Moose sheds found on trail
Coolest thing by far in 2019. Our customers found these amazing sheds right on the trail in a snow bank. So cool. They let us take a picture with them. Lucky........
Razor XP 1000 at River
First day with the new Polaris 1000 XP fleet. Took em out to MSV and the water crossings. So fun!
Jeep Family on Storm MTN.
These folks were so cool. I took my truck while they had the Jeep rental.
Sweat view on Storm Mtn.
This guy found a nice view in the Jeep off the beaten path on Storm Mountain.
Coney Flats on our ATV trail
Awesome water crossing on the ATV trail in a Razor.
Jeep on Pole Hill
Another very cool family that did a Jeep rental with us.
Rock section on Pole Hill
Another fun day with my daughter. We took a couple Jeeps out and took on some more difficult stuff. Great day!
Friends and Family ride
Even though I own the company and have ridden way too much, this was one of the best days ever on the trail. A few friends and some family tore it up. This is before we came back soaking wet and 3 sheets to the wind.
Nice view on Pole Hill
This is the type of views you'll see in a Jeep rental in Estes Park Colorado
Water hole on the trail
My buddy and his boys ripping it up in a UTV rental
Andy & Mady Snow Day
Razors rentals in the snow are an absolute BLAST. So much fun with my daughter Mady.
ATV Race through water
Me and my buddy Mike racing through the water at Coney Flats on our ATV trail. Sorry you lost Mike!
Girl Power!
These ladies were the coolest. They took out a bunch of Razors and TORE IT UP!
Jeep at Coney Flats MSV
Awesome water crossing on Middle saint Vrain in a Jeep rental
Gnarly section on Bunce
These two girls did awesome in the Razor rental on the hard section
Taking a break
Mady taking a break after ripping her dirt bike on Storm Mountain
Big Family at Pony lake
Big wedding party family at Poly Lake. Can't see it in the picture, but there is a mama moose and her calf just off to the right about 100 feet. What a great day these guys had.
Bighorn on Storm
Picture by Mady Hitch. What a great shot right out the Jeep window.
Sunrise on the Trail
Great shot by Mady Hitch as they pulled in the trucks and trailers for the day.
Killed by lightning
One of the strangest things to ever happen on the trail. A lighting bolt hit the tree in the background just 100 feet from the ATV base camp. It took out this poor chipmunk. The bolt went right through him and this is how he landed. R.I.P. little guy.
Mady & Bonnie working trail
Let me tell you about these two. Up at 4am to load and haul rigs to the trail. Then they put in a 15 hour day patrolling the trail, saving lives, changing belts and tires, getting dirty as hell and coming home with bloody knuckles. These are tough mountain chics and they bust their asses!
Moose learning to swim
Great shot by one of our ATV riders from Germany.
Gettin dirty
These people were so cool. They got filthy on the ATV trail in Razors
New Razor 1000 XP
New ATV rentals in Estes Park Colorado for 2020. So happy to get these bad ass machines with ride command. You're gonna love them too. So friggin smooth.......
Wedding on the trail
How cool is this? Renting Razors and getting married right on the trail in Estes Park
At home Storm Mtn.
Lived on this beautiful mountain since I was 10 years old. Found me a good stretch of land a while back with a nice log home on it. Lovin life here with my beautiful wife and daughter.
Broke my back
This is what you get for hauling ass on a dirt bike when you don't know the terrain. 50 MPH and hit a fallen trail. Air lift cost me 25K. Broke three bones, missed my lumbar nerve by one bone. Changed my life.
The women's champ
Mady winning the 2016 women's RMEC season championship at age 16. 1st place in every race but one in Texas where she took second.
My wife and rebel daughter
Sorry, had to post my favorite picture of my wife Missy and daughter Mady. She's still a pain in the ass!
Pumpin me up to lose
On the left, Mady is pumpin me up for the race. On the right is how it ended.
Working with Forest Service
Every day we not only operate on the National Forest trail, we work to clean, maintain and improve it.
Stand up!
This is how you ride an ATV rental in the Rocky Mountains. See how she's standing up? So important.
flying on Storm
Can't beat that view. "I'm the king of the world........"
Waterfall off ATV trail
Mady and I found this awesome little waterfall off the MSV atv trail connected to Bunce.
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Working with Forest Service

Every day we not only operate on the National Forest trail, we work to clean, maintain and improve it.