Even though we have lived here our whole lives, our family still enjoys the great food and wonderful places to stay in Estes Park.


Here are just a few other businesses around Estes Park Colorado we really like and why. Click on picture to read more.

Where to Eat

There are other great places to eat. This who we like, from fast food to fine dining.

The Dunraven Inn
Even if you're dirty after a long day of ATV riding, you can still enjoy a fine dining experience here. The table bread is amazing. My wife love's the salmon and I really like the steak. It's our favorite place in Estes Park.
Antonio's Pizza
Hands down, some of the best pizza you're going eat anywhere! This is REAL New York style pizza. We are serious regulars.
Inn of Glen Haven
This place is just 10 minutes outside of Estes Park, down in Glen Haven. It's only open during summer months. You must make reservations. It's a unique experience in a timeless atmosphere. Amazing food. On the higher end price scale, but worth every penny.
Rock Inn
This is a must if in Estes Park. Alot of times they have live acoustic music. The food is excellent. I love the steak. It's one of my favorites. Great place to have a drink as well.
Big Horn Restaurant
Nothing fancy. Just the best damn breakfast you're going to get in Estes Park. This is a local favorite.
Scratch Deli
I swear these guys are delivering to our shop every other day. Food is amazing and they have something for everyone.
Clare's Restaurant
Oh my god fish and chips!. The absolute best I've ever had. Everything here is good and the service is excellent.
Nordy's in Loveland
Even if you're in Estes Park, it is WELL worth the trip down the canyon to Nordy's in Loveland. Smokin Dave's BBQ is good, but Nordy's is AWESOME.
Denver Biscuit Company
Without going into a ton of detail (which I certainly could), straight up, you NEED to eat here. You have never had anything like it in your life!!! 5 locations in Denver. Don't even waste your time talking about it. Find one, go there, and you'll taste for yourself.
Fresh Burger
Forget about McDonalds, that stuff isn't even real food. Fresh Burger is a fast food joint with a drive through locally owned and the burgers and fries are awesome.
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Where to Stay

Even though we live here, we like to get out of the cabin and stay somewhere else. Here is a list of great places with a wide spectrum of options and prices.

Mountain Village
The single-family homes at Mountain Village at Lake Estes offer the perfect place to reconnect with loved ones, embrace the natural world, and explore beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

Check em out. VERY nice, upscale cabins on the lake. They're right there at the marina where they rent paddle boats and all sorts of stuff. They are right across the street from us, and the elk seem to always hang around there.
McGregor Mountain Lodge
Awesome place to stay. My wife and I stayed here a few years back and loved it. They have everything from suites to cabins in a beautiful setting. Very nice people there as well. www.mcgregormountainlodge.com
Solitude Cabins
My wife and I have stayed here a couple times. We love it and the managers are awesome! Very nice place to stay.
The Stanley Hotel
It boggles my mind sometimes that people come to Estes Park and don't know anything about the Stanley. This place is a slice of American history for crying out loud! Even if you don't stay here, it's a must to visit. The ghost tour is really cool. Look, just research the Stanley. It's a must.

Quick story: My wife and stayed in room 403 (the Lord Dunraven haunted room). Without going into details, there is some truth to haunted thing.
Annie's Mountain Retreat
My wife and I have stayed here a couple times. It's our favorite. We get the one with the private hot tub. The owner is really cool and we just love her cabins.
Valhalla Resort
Love this place. Great prices and options for any size family. We've stayed in a couple different cabins here. Stuff for the kids to do and close to the best restaurants.
Della Terra Chateau
One of the best romantic hotels in Colorado. Absolutely beautiful place near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.
Loveland Heights Cottages
Affordable, but nice cottages on the Big Thompson River.
Rocky Mountain Resorts
These people have condos and cabins all over Estes Park in nearly every price range. We have stayed at many different ones and have always had a good experience.
Rams Horn Village
One of the best places to stay in Estes Park in my opinion. My wife and I have stayed here. The customer service is top notch and the facilities are great. Love the cozy and fully stocked cabins.
KOA Estes Park
I have never seen a KOA this awesome! First of all, the owners and people there are absolutely top notch. They even have cabin rentals. Great property just a block from us, and across the street from the awesome Mountain Shop and Cascade Creek go-carts.
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Where to Play

We hope you play at Backbone, but here are some other great options from fair and kind people:

Green Jeep Tours
If you're not interested in driving a Jeep with us, this is a great option. The owner at Green Jeep Tours is a really cool person and offers a great experience.
The Mountain Shop
The Estes Park Mountain Shop is a MUST. You can rent bikes, indoor rock climbing, ski rental, fly fishing right out back, and great shopping. Check em out for sure, and tell Dave or Zac we said Hi. Totally cool people!
Cascade Creek
I'll admit, sometimes when we get finished ripping razors around, we hit up Cascade and see how stupid we can get in a go-cart (when others aren't around of course). These guys are great. Go-carts, bumper boats, and the best mini golf in Estes Park.
SK Horses Estes Park
If you're going to ride horses, this is the place to do it. Quality really does mean something. The riding is amazing, the views are stunning, and they treat their horses well. Can't say enough good things about these guys.
Elkins Distilling Co.
I swear we are on the best end of town. Our neighbor is Elkins, a place you must visit. Stop by, say hi, play some games, and have a drink unlike anything you've had before. Such cool people!
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There are so many things to do in Estes Park Colorado. In all honesty, I think it's best to not plan every little detail. Leave room so if you happen upon something that looks fun, you have the time to do it. If you come during peak season though, you will have to plan. Estes Park gets really busy. If you are thinking about an ATV rental or Jeep rental, book a couple weeks in advance. The same goes for cabin rentals or hotel stays. I suggest booking at least 2 months in advance. The hotel and cabin rentals I mentioned above are very sought after accommodations. They usually book up first. There are only a couple hotels in town that are on the lower end scale of quality. However, even those are fine places to stay. There is a noticeable difference though in the things you choose to do in Estes Park. For example, one ATV rental company vs. another one, or horseback riding can be a very different experience from one to the next. For me though, it's all about the people and customer service. When I go on vacation I like to interact with people who truly enjoy my business and meeting new people. Online reviews are a good way to research who you're doing business with. Like most people, I look at the bad reviews as much as the good. I like to see how owners of businesses respond to bad reviews. It says alot about their character and understanding.

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The Dunraven Inn

Even if you're dirty after a long day of ATV riding, you can still enjoy a fine dining experience here. The table bread is amazing. My wife love's the salmon and I really like the steak. It's our favorite place in Estes Park.

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